British 'Christian' Cafe owner threatened with arrest for 'hate speech' for playing a DVD of verses from the New Testament

A Christian cafe owner in Blackpool, England, received a visit from the police after a customer was offended by Bible passages displayed on a TV screen.

Barnabus Fund  Owner Jamie Murray said police warned him not to play the DVD of the whole New Testament text on the TV screen in Layton’s Salt and Light Cafe. Mr Murray said, “I said ‘Surely it isn’t a crime to show the Bible?’

But they said they had checked with their sergeant and insulting words are a breach of Section 5 of the Public Order Act. I was shocked.

“We’re always being told we’re a tolerant and diverse nation. Yet the very thing that gave us those values – Christianity – is being sidelined.”

A spokesman for the force said: “The officer discussed the matter with the cafe owner and explained to them the legislation that is in place around materials that are displayed or broadcast in a public environment. “The constabulary is respectful of all religious views; however we do have a responsibility to make sure that material that communities may find deeply offensive or inflammatory is not being displayed in public.”

Police have since given Murray a partial apology, admitting the officer was wrong to tell him displaying Bible verses is a breach of public order laws. Still, Murray is angry that the investigation ever occurred.