PAKISTANI judge rules against murder for blasphemy. Muslims lose their minds!

Judge Ali Shah ruled that murder is still murder, even if it’s done in the name of Allah, when he found Mumtaz Qadri guilty of killing the former governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, because he wanted to reform Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

(I wonder how long it will be before they kill this judge now?)

Taseer, a moderate Muslim, had urged reform of Pakistan’s 295 Blasphemy Law. He had met with Asia Bibi, the Christian mother sentenced to death for blasphemy against the prophet Mohammed. Qadri was one of the governor’s body guards who shot Taseer to death on an Islamabad street last Jan. 4. He admitted to the murder in court, saying that he objected to Taseer’s call to amend the blasphemy law.

Apparently Qadri believed murder was necessary and justified to defend the honor of his holy prophet. The court felt otherwise. As he issued his ruling against Qadri, Judge Shah said, “No one should be given a license to kill for any reason.” Qadri was sentenced to death for his crime.