10 Algerian Muslim terrorists are being housed in a French resort area because their safety can't be guaranteed if sent back to Algeria

The 10 terrorists have been given room and board in a French Alpine Village at French taxpayer expense unless they can find another country willing to take them.

France24 via Islam vs Europe In the small French town of Aiguebelle in the foothills of the French Alps,  it’s only hotel is currently home to a man accused of planning terrorist attacks across Paris including an attempt to blow up the Russian embassy. The group of Algerian Muslims were convicted of involvement in Islamic terrorism after fighting with the Muslims against the Russians in Chechnya, but, after serving their sentences, ‘human rights’ organziations say they can’t be sent back to their native Algeria because they face terrorism charges there, too, and might not be treated nicely. So they get a permanent free holiday in a nice French Alpine village. In typical Muslim style, they whine about even this.

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