BOMBSHELL! 'Occupy Orlando' actually is 'Jihad Orlando'

Tom Trento of The United West has found evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood is directing the ‘Occupy Orlando’ protests.

THE UNITED WEST  Regular readers of BNI already know that the ‘Arab Spring’ is synonymous with the “Muslim Brotherhood” for their involvement initiating the various revolutions in Egypt and the northern Maghreb, exploiting the chaos in these countries to move toward a shariah-compliant state. There have been rumors of Muslim Brotherhood involvement in the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests, but now we know for sure that they are at a sister event – ‘Occupy Orlando.’  I wonder what other cities they are in?

It seems as if the Brotherhood proxies have taken their anti-American, anti-Jewish hatred into this country, even having meetings with President Obama. Now, apparently, they are leading the Occupy Orlando protests in the spirit of the Arab Spring.

The “Terror Alert” video below will detail and connect the “dots” in order to see the complete picture of what may be a move by a Muslim activist to take over control of “Occupy Orlando.”

As The United West video teams circulated (overtly and covertly) through hundreds of protestors at “Occupy Orlando, “ I was informed that a Muslim activist lawyer with whom  we had confrontations in the past, was at this demonstration, Shayan Elahi, the same Muslim who lost a race in 2010 to become a Judge.

Back in 2009, Attorney Elahi was losing Counsel for the parents of our good friend Rifqa Bari, in the well-publicized Rifqa Bary child custody case. Now, Elahi was running around with a bunch of “hippies and anarchists” so we wanted to get to a bit more intel. To our surprise, this lawyer came after us, not once, but twice!

After Elahi’s second try at “intimidating” us, it became obvious to us that he was not just an observer at this event but a participant. Shaya Elahi is the leader (of the leaderless) Occupy Orlando! It turns out that he is the “official” legal counsel for this movement and indeed one of the key people, if not the main person calling the shots!

Once we watched Shayan Elahi in action, running around, signing up speakers, providing direction, telling people what to do, we started to connect the dots to the stated Face Book Mission Statement of “Occupy Orlando,” which reads, “…we plan to use the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic of mass occupation to restore democracy in America.”

Elahi and Trento

So, here we have a Muslim attorney who collaborated with the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in the Rifqa Bary case, the same CAIR that is an unindicted co-conspirator, the same CAIR that is HAMAS, the same HAMAS that was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hmmm…anyone see any red flags here? Anyone think Attorney Elahi, who lost the Rifqa Bary case, lost the race for a Judgeship is looking for a place to mark up his first win by coopting a incoherent movement primarily made up of “hippies and anarchists” so that he can build a political base for his Islamic goals?

Stay tuned as we fully investigate Shayan Elahi and his role in the “American” Arab Spring.

Tom Trento, Director
The United West