INDONESIA: Government Minister Calls on Muslims to 'Counter' Criticism of Islam on the Internet

The explosion of IT now has resulted in Internet websites that openly condemn Islam, warns Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

Islam vs Europe  KUALA LAMPUR – Muslims need to have knowledge and expertise on information technology (IT) to counter Islamophobia in cyberspace. “Before it was territorial war but now it is war in cyberspace to influence the thinking of the people.

Now there exist websites that resort to Islam bashing,” (No kidding?) he told reporters after opening the ‘Islamic Thinking after Modernism.” at an international conference here today.

He said the people responsible for these websites were working systematically to deride all aspects of Islam particularly its history, the Quran and Hadith and Prophet Muhammad. (We don’t have to work hard at all. You are doing a fine job of that already) Ahmad Shabery said Islamic thinkers needed to play a role in countering these attacks which were aimed at destroying Islam. (Too late, the rat is out of the bag about Islam)