Muslim limo driver says, " I feel like I'm not human"

Terrorist Front Group CAIR whines about “slap on the wrist” for a Maryland man who allegedly took part in a bias-motivated verbal assault on a Virginia Muslim limousine driver earlier this year. Demands re-opening of case and ‘hate crime’ charges be lodged.

The alleged assault occurred shortly after midnight on March 11 when the Muslim limo driver of Moroccan origin reported that he picked up two passengers in Washington, D.C., and was asked to take them to National Harbor.

After learning that the driver’s name is Mohammed, one of the passengers asked whether he was Muslim. When the driver said he is Muslim, his admission allegedly prompted both passengers to use religious and ethnic slurs and make threats on his life. According to the Muslim, the passengers reportedly called the Muslim driver a “jihadist” and told him they were going to “f**king murder” him.

When the limo arrived at the destination, one of the passengers allegedly punched the driver in the head, knocking him to the ground and fracturing his wrist. (Of course, there were no witnesses) Both passengers were subsequently arrested and charged. But the Muslim terror group CAIR doesn’t like the results.