Ex-Muslim Sam Solomon, Islamic scholar and jurist was arrested, imprisoned, sentenced to death, and exiled from his homeland

Sam Solomon came to embrace Christianity after spending 15 years training in Sharia law in the Middle East. That decision saw him arrested, sentenced to death, and exiled from his home land.

VLADTEPES  Sam Solomon, a former Islamic jurist, born and raised as a Muslim, had trained in Sharia law for 15 years before converting to Christianity. As a leading experts on Islam and Sharia law, Mr. Solomon has testified before the US congress and is a consultant/advisor to British and European Parliamentarians on Islam. He lectures around the world on religious issues and is an expert witness on Islamic and religious matters.

Solomon explains that, “Islam is not simply a religion. Islam is a socio-political system. It is a socio-political, socio-religious, socio-economic, socio-educational, socio-judicial, legislatic, militaristic system cloaked in, garbed in religious terminology.  Islam has always been about conversion by force. When Islam came out from Arabia, it did not go out with missionaries peacefully talking to their neighbors and saying “here is what our prophet Mohamed has come with and so on and so forth. No. There were hordes of assassins who marched into the surrounding world and subjugated them by force. Islam is a system. And wherever there is a Muslim community there will be a sharia. And wherever there is a sharia there is an Islamification of the territory and ultimately of that nation.

SOLOMON recently spoke at Tennessee Tech  one of several stops he’s making in Middle Tennessee in the coming days — to share his story of conversion and discuss different aspects of Sharia law, which is the legal system of the Islamic religion.

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22 comments on “Ex-Muslim Sam Solomon, Islamic scholar and jurist was arrested, imprisoned, sentenced to death, and exiled from his homeland

    • Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39 explains a lot of what is going on. When the attack of Islam against Israel is over, Israel will spend 7 months burring the dead of Islam. Islam will never rise again against the rest of the world. You have to remember that the Jews and the Arabs were both the seed of Abraham. So when a Muslim kills a Jew, he is killing a half brother. Also, obviously, none of the doctrine written out in Islam is inspired of God. It was dreamed up by a very sick and evil man and his followers.

    • Nonsense he is extremely learned and very thorough in Sharia law. Have you heard him in public? If you are a muslim it is in your interest to belittle and deny him. In your interest to insult and dismiss him. Basically you are an open book. In Henry Pirene’s masterpiece (written in 1938, before the world knew the truth of this schizophrenic nightmare of a belief system that it seems more and more every day comes straight out of the fire’s breath of the devil) called ‘Mohammed and Charlemagne he states the Europeans could not believe the horrific brutality of the muslims and as the muslims were beginning to move further into Europe they had no choice but to defend with arms and so was born the so called Crusaders. Typical of muslims to lie about the real reason for the crusades, to keep this shocking cruelty out of Europe and if possible areas of middle east because it was highly evident it was Satans ‘baby’ as it were. I mean the Taliban beheading children recently is something even the Nazis wouldn’t do. They certainly wouldn’t get their children to do it either. Pirene said ‘the world had never seen such wickedness as Islam and its double standards, its MASSIVE CRUELTY AND BRUTALITY, its total suppression of culture, its ‘stealing’ of others ideas and saying its theirs (like Chess for example and even democracy, the idiots haven’t heard of Greece, idiot Morsi said last year that islam invented democracy Hahaha), the list is endless. If islam is allowed to dominate the world will fast become a barren desert, of destroyed cultures, no art, no music, and a poison of evil malicious spite, people attacking each other, turning each other ‘in’ as apostates to settle revenge and so on. It will be exactly a kingdom of evil that any ‘good’ satan would be more than proud of. We must all be aware of its myriad of tricks to delude the gullible before taking their happiness, freedom, culture, peace and lives away.We CAN NEVER be too viligilant as there are scriptures instructing deceit to ‘unbelievers’ as being essential for the conquering process and is not sinful. (in fact its glorified)So it means we must always be aware. Unfortunately it also means you cannot trust one of them, even though they may not be a danger. You do not know who they will speak to etc. We will eventually rid the world of this evil from hell but it will be the biggest fight the world has ever faced. It will require the eventual destruction of mecca and truth of humanity built on the site. (Remember they built the dome of the rock on the holiest site in Judaism and Jerusalem, the sheer evil arrogance of it and took over the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, covering its stunning murals etc which some are now trying to reveal again to their credit. But we know Islamism is building again in Turkey and god knows what they will do to the holy place then. They are so barren, so destructive and HATE ANYTHING BEAUTIFUL. They hate beauty in religion, beauty in buildings, beauty in art, beauty in humankind, beauty in literature, poetry, beauty in truth and above all they hate BEAUTY IN PEACE. This is the greatest lie they have told the non muslim world and so many have believed it to Islam’s glee.Islam regards war as a constant necessity, war against ‘infidels, real or imagined.They will create friction if necessary, accuse people or nations of wrong doing where it isnt. It tells its poor deluded followers its necessary for their admittance to ‘heaven’, the endless jihad against beauty basically. Sounds very demon like, deluding its followers its the real ‘god’ is the supreme example of successful evil. Many muslims know this in their hearts you know but are too terrified to speak. A few bravely make a run for it, eg the beautiful Sam and more who have joined the Council of Ex Muslims in England but when a young man tried to start a similar council in Morocco the gov rushed through a law that you could NEVER leave islam. Because they state it could not survive without threat of death if you leave. No other faith needs these threats, further PROOF islam is the devil’s spawn. What a battle is ahead, but we will win eventually, only when mecca is in ruins and bulldozed over and over into the ground.

    • Hahaha how typical ‘blame the jews’. How ignorant. Hes as jewish as the man in the moon is. Look if you read anything ever you would know that the arabs and jews belong to the same racial type, that is of the ‘SEMITES’. This is why they look so similar. God give me strength. This man is awesome, I have met him. Bow down to his bravery, you don’t know what he risks to try and warn a very stupid and ignorant world. We are facing the 2nd one hundred years war in human history. Culminating in the destruction of Mecca

      • Ingrid, how do you know the man in the moon isn’t jewish? I mean, he’s kosher enough not to keep meat on the moon to eat with his green cheese, isn’t he?

      • Sam Solomon and I shared an office for a year. He is not Jewish and that was not his original name. There was a fatwah on his head when he arrived here and he chose the new name to help protect his identity and his family.

        As for his knowledge of Islam, he was sufficiently high in the Islamic government to be trusted to read the Bible for the purpose of refuting it, and you have to be pretty high up for that. But instead of refuting the Bible he believed and became a Christian. I can confirm that he is without doubt a genuine brother in Christ.

  1. Explaining the first and second beast of Revelation 13 (Anti-Christ & false prophet also)

    The Quran was written by Muhammed who was of the tribe of Banu Hashim which were royal priests in charge of Kaabas, for there were multiple Kaabas throughout the world prior to the birth of Muhammed. Muhammed is from a tribe known as Muttalib “royal priests.” This word of Muttalib originates from the horn of Cush where the Sabeans originated from according to Genesis 10:7-20 to create nations throughout the Middle East.

    Can we say then that all the pagans of the world were giving tithes to the family of Banu Hashim? Can we say that Muhammed was the highest ranked person of the family of Banu Hashim? Who is Muhammed ibn Abdullah ibn Muttalib Shaiba? Muhammed means “The praiseworthy” ibn son of Abd the slave of Allah The Most High ibn son of Muttalib the royal priests Shaiba oath. Shaiba means “oath.”

    From the lineage of Muhammed we can definitely say that he was from a royal priesthood coming from the horn of Africa or Cush which created subjugation over all of the Middle East and we can say that Shaiba was a name his grandfather took for himself. But we also know that Shaiba became a name in the lineage of Abraham’s ancestors in Genesis 10:28 with the name Shaiba. Yet we also know that Abraham was commanded to run away from or leave his city of origin and the religion of the people he was surrounded by, which were Chaldeans.

    Quran 38:1 called “Sad” which means “in our defense” says: “In our defense cometh the Quran full in admiration unto disbelievers glorified within and separate. How many generations before them did we slay as they cried for mercy, but it was not the time for their salvation.”

    A Christian is the one glorified within by having the Holy Spirit and is separate or called to be separate while within the world.

    When were people before the Quran or Muhammed slaying others who were glorified within?

    Quran 21:83 “Job when he cried to his Lord said, ‘Truly distress has seized me, but thou art the most merciful of those that are merciful.’ His distress was removed, he was restored and doubled in number by grace.”

    Christians know Job as a person who worshiped the one true God and was saved and yet in Job 1:15 the Sabean is slaughtering Job’s servants. How interesting then that the Quran written by Muhammed would praise the Sabean and the Quran seems to know that Sabean written in Chaldeans letters as: “SIN to slaughter BET the begotten ALEPH of the Mighty” is an oath saying, “To slay the born of God.”

    From the Quran 21:83 about Job we have this follow-up in the Quran:
    Quran 21:95 “But there is a ban on any population which we have destroyed. They shall never return.”

    So why did Abraham run away from his ancestors? Could it be that the Chaldean had become like the Sabean in the sense that just as Sabeans were slaughtering Job’s servants in Job 1:15 so too were Chaldeans slaughtering Job’s servants in Job 1:17? Yes. Through war, holocaust, and child naming like in Genesis 10:28 of Shaiba in Abrham’s lineage the oath to slay people who were righteous was being spread throughout the region of the Middle East. The Shaiba oath, which is in the lineage of Abraham’s ancestors who were Chaldean in Genesis 10:28, entered their thinking thanks to Sabeans entering Chaldea from the horn of Cush.

    Muhammed’s Grandfather was Shaiba and was a Muttalib priest and therefore was likely having the Shaiba oath in his family long before Abraham as a Chaldean because Muhammed was likely a Sabean. Certainly Muhammed never had an Abraham to get his family lineage out of the evil lineage of the Sabean or Abasuba.

    The Sabeans had created Shinar (Babylon or a lion), Elam (Persia or a bear), and Goiim (Greece or a leopard) and these three symbols of animals were nations all originating from Sabeans. They were the first beast of Revelation 13 all in existence in Genesis 14. There headship or authority has been bruised though.

    Funny then that the Sabean’s Muttalib or false teachers or priests would then culminate in the ultimate false prophet or the second beast of Muhammed and Islam respectively, which also seems to do just fine in continuing the slaughter of the righteous people who are Jews and Christians.

    The Sabean today are known as Abasuba and the second beast or Islam will give power to the image of the first beast. The first beast would then be a political entity that is headed by the Sabean which is an oath to slay Christians and Jews.

    Isn’t it interesting how America has an Abasuba meaning “The Fathers slays the born of God” whose grandfather killed Jews and Christians during the Mau Mau uprising and whose name is Barak (Spear) Hussein (well, diminishing the glory) Obama (springing forth from the heavens).

    Barak Hussein Obama’s name is an oath to kill Jews and Christians just as he is an Abasuba which is an oath by his forefather’s to kill Jews and Christians.

    The first beast is therefore Shinar, Elam, and Goiim in Genesis 14 or the lion, leopard, and bear which did holocausts against Jews and Christians.

    The second beast is therefore Islam which is a religious system which replaces the political system of the first beast to slaughter Jews and Christians.

    The Anti-Christ is therefore Barak Hussein Obama who is an image or descendant of the Sabean people and an oath to kill Jews and Christians.

    The false prophet is therefore Muhammed who writes a Quran fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah that Lucifer would steal the name of Allah “The Most High” for himself which was accomplished in the writing of the Quran.

    Isaiah 14:14 “Allah (THE MOST HIGH) Bama (above the heights) ab (in a dark outer garment) damah (I will become) Elyown (God over everything).”

    You see Lucifer desired to be The Most High (Allah) above the heights. That is what he desired to become. Isaiah wrote it and Muhammed fulfilled it with a Quran.

    • But the Greeks are Japhethites, aren’t they, so how can they be Sabeans? And what about Daniel’s fourth beast, which has given rise to the true Man of Sin and son of Perdition, prophesied in 2 Thessalonians 2?

      • Have you ever read the Cuneiform where Sippa writes of his father Asshur (see Genesis 10:7-12) stating how in the region of GOIIM (Greece & Macedonia) he is slaying the righteous and burning their children in piles like a Nazi? The first beast was fully formed in Genesis 14 with kings from ELAM (Iran) demanding taxes from Canaan’s cities, though five of them refuse on the thirteenth year, so the kings of SHINAR (Babylon), ELLASAR (Assyria), GOIIM (Greece & Macedonia) all give forth armies of their nations to the king of ELAM (Iran) and go with their armies (as kings led their men in battle back then) to gain taxes for ELAM (Iran).

        These kings who rule over the four nations are all people descendant from Nimrod who lived near to Lake Victoria in the horn of Cush (Africa).

        We got an image of the first beast right now in the White House of the U.S.A. – Isaiah 7:18 in the original Hebrew identifies the well that the Anti-Christ emerges from as LAKE VICTORIA – it calls it a beer (well) that feeds the most remote river that feeds all of Egypt. The river is thus “The White Nile River” and the well would have to be LAKE VICTORIA (second largest fresh water body – is the well of the Anti-Christ).

    • Thomas, what do you make of the prophecy of Joel (3:8) that the Jews would be selling the Tyrians, Zidonians and Philistines to the Sabeans?

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