Muslim Asslifters turn 'Occupy Wall Street' into an open air mosque

But thanks to the perpetual foul smelling aroma emanating from the unwashed masses of fleabaggers who have been squatting in Zuccotti Park for several weeks, nobody noticed the stench of the raised Muslim asses praying in the street.

“Over the past several weeks, it has become clear that many of the demands of Occupy Wall Street parallel those of the New York Muslim community,” Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR said.

CAIR  New York encouraged Muslims to join in the Occupy Wall Street protests on Friday, October 21st to pray the Jummah (Friday prayers). Well, it happened and a sermon on ‘Social Justice in Islam’ was given by an Imam named Aiyub Abdul Baki, who was an outspoken supporter of the Ground Zero mosque last year.

On one level, no one should really be surprised that CAIR and the gang has decided to link up with far left protesters but on another level. OWS has already been endorsed strongly by the American Nazi Party and the Communist Party USA

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) tent cities across the country are eerily reminiscent of the scene at Tahrir Square earlier this year. We’re learning that this is not a coincidence. In Cairo, reporter Lara Logan was the victim of a violent sexual assault; reporters were threatened and accosted; Anderson Cooper and Christianne Amanpour were among them. At Occupy Cleveland, there was a report of a mentally handicapped woman being raped by a man who entered her tent. At Occupy Oakland, one television reporter had her life threatened while another was attacked by a protester’s dog.

When it comes to violence, you can be sure Muslims will be ready to take up the sword (of Islam).