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ACT! for America is eager to find out how much support exists in each state for “American Laws for American Courts.” Help us help you! Please read the pledge of support below, add your name, and forward it to others. We will add your name to the list of supporters from your state. Thank you! (If you live in Arizona, Tennessee, Louisiana, or Oklahoma, it is not necessary for you to sign this pledge of support, as those states have already passed legislation or a constitutional amendment that accomplishes what ALAC does.)

Pledge of Support to Protect Our State from Sharia Law

We the undersigned join with others from our state to stand with ACT! for America to encourage our state legislature to introduce and pass legislation entitled “American Laws for American Courts” (ALAC).

We strongly support the purpose of ALAC–to prevent state courts from using foreign laws that are contrary to our Constitution. We understand this includes sharia law. We are deeply concerned about sharia law, because many of its provisions, such as its discriminatory treatment of women, are wholly incompatible with the freedoms and rights accorded to us by our U.S. and state constitutions.

We support ACT! for America’s goal to eventually win passage of ALAC legislation in every state, but understand that ACT! for America cannot effectively reach every state legislature in 2012, and thus must choose which states to focus its efforts on.

We understand that one of the factors determining which states ACT! for America will target in 2012 is the amount of grassroots support in each state for ALAC.

We understand that ACT! for America needs this information to predict the amount of grassroots support it can mobilize in each state when it’s time to contact legislators and urge them to support the legislation. We understand that the greater the support from a given state, the more likely it is that ACT! for America can choose to focus on that state.

Therefore, we the undersigned, join with others in our state, to let ACT! for America know that:
We support ALAC;

We want ACT! for America to focus on our state;

We want ALAC passed in our state;

We stand ready to contact our state legislators, if necessary, to help win passage of ALAC in our state.

We understand that to grow the collective voice of support for ALAC in our state it’s also important to get the word out about this effort. Therefore, in addition to signing this petition today, we will pass it on to others in our state, and encourage them to add their names to this document as part of this ACT! for America effort to strengthen and protect America.