US Marines ordered never to spit or urinate toward Mecca, the direction Muslims in Afghanistan face when they pray

You can thank the Muslim-in-Chief for making fools out of our beloved troops and forcing them to bow down to the culture of filth called Islam.

Diana West  Shafiq Mubarak is a contractor hired by the Marine Corps Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning to help implement “the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, the winning of hearts and minds.” According to the North County Times, Mubarak didn’t come to the US until 2008 — from where the story doesn’t say — but has been working with US troops in Afghanistan “for much of the past decade.”

How is that? Why is that? Dunno. What the story does report is that Shafiq Mubarak teaches the do’s and don’t’s of sharia — kind of, Islam for Leathernecks.

Mubarak teaches US Marines:

Don’t spit toward Mecca.

Don’t urinate toward Mecaa.

Don’t sleep with your boots toward Mecca.

This is the only thing that should be facing Mecca

In other words, Mubarak teaches US Marines to become intensely sensitized to the whereabouts of Mecca, and to be guided by that magnetic North for Muslims as a matter of the most personal habits and hygiene — in accordance with sharia (Islamic law). This goes well, of course, with ISAF’s guidance to all troops to revere the Koran and its teachings. What next, prayer rugs?

 Mubarak told the North County Times: “We can’t win just by fighting,” said Mubarak, who came to the U.S. less than three years ago after working with American forces in Afghanistan for much of the past decade. “Sitting with tribal elders, learning their problems and helping them is crucial.”
Crucial to what? Solving the problems of one set of tribal elders. Such problems, of course, are likely to differ  from those of the next set of tribal elders, particularly when there is a blood feud, a la al-Hatfields and al-McCoys. Talk about tar babies. To coin a phrase: You Don’t Win Hearts and Minds by Losing Your Own.
Meanwhile: Mubarak and Tremore spent hours walking troops through the nuances of meetings, or “shuras” with key local leaders. Both stressed the importance of those meetings. …
Mubarak taught the troops the proper way to sit during a shura. He told them they should plan on at least 30 minutes for an initial meeting, and that they should always finish their tea and eat any food presented. And that includes all the intestinal parasites. “If you don’t, that means to them that you don’t trust them, or think what they are giving you is poison or is unclean,” he said. Mubarak also said the Marines should never spit or urinate to the west, the direction of Mecca that Muslims in Afghanistan face when they pray. In addition, when sharing a base with Afghan army troops, Marines shouldn’t sleep with their feet pointed west, because that also is considered offensive, he said.
At what cost? That is, in exchange for what baksheesh, what edge over the next tribe, what amounts of money or local public works projects? We don’t know. How permanent this little piece of shura-peace is, we don’t know, either. But it all impressed Col. Furness, who gave a service award to Mubarak in June 2011 on behalf of the Regimental Combat Team – 1st Marines (RCT-1) CULAD. In the presence of Gen. Petraeus, Col. Furness said:
“General, this is my cultural advisor, Mr. Shafiq Mubarak. Mr. Shafiq is my right hand and I can’t do anything without him. Mr. Shafiq directly assists in direct engagements with Afghan leaders and political decision makers. He has been instrumental in the pursuit of the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, the winning of hearts and minds.
Gen. Petraeus with little turd Mubarak at far right