The 'One World Government' Barack Hussein Obama is working to establish is 'Islamic'

Forget about Obama’s claims of “democracy breaking out all over the Middle East.” He lied.

Now that Barack Obama has helped to bring down secularist Middle East governments in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, with more to come, Muslim groups in the region are working harder than ever to re-establish an Islamic caliphate, or Islamic state. The last caliphate was located in Istanbul, Turkey. For 400 years, from 1517 until after WWI, Istanbul was the political center of the Muslim world. But in 1924, the Turkish leader Attaturk abolished the caliphate. Today, Muslims are hoping for its return.

Modern Islamic groups like the Taliban, al Qaeda, Hamas, Hizb ut-Tahrir, and the granddaddy of them all, the Muslim Brotherhood, share the goal of restoring the caliphate. What the Muslim Brotherhood would like to see is a strong, powerful Islamic government armed with nuclear weapons.”