Muslim 'Car Crash for Cash' insurance fraud ring robs British taxpayers

Apparently Britain’s overly generous Muslim welfare benefits aren’t enough. Muslims’ overwhelmingly disproportionate involvement in the car crash fraud epidemic is driving up car insurance costs for British drivers by an astonishing 30-40% per year.

Islam vs Europe  The Sunday Times estimates that this new form of Jizya (Islamic tax on infidels) is costing British people £350 million per year. The Times posted an expose of a car crash scam outfit operating in London. No surprise that the perps turned out to have Muslim names. During several meetings Joshim Uddin, who claimed to be managing director of TMS, and Shahidul Zakaria, an associate, arranged for a Vauxhall Astra supplied by The Sunday Times to be written off in a crash and for fake insurance claims to be made.

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