SWITZERLAND: Muslim asslifters come out to support the anti-Islamophobia campaign

About 2,000 Muslims demonstrated Saturday in Bern against the climate of discrimination and Islamophobia they say they are victims of in Switzerland. (And it is demonstrations like this will only make people hate Muslims even more. Keep it up!)

Bivouac  (via Islam vs Europe) The demonstrators, who responded to the call of the Swiss Central Islamic Council, gathered in the main square of the capital Helvetic Parlement.Les to the organizers, who report together some 2,000 people, have set up an inflatable minaret and several stalls selling veils, jewelry and religious literature.

On the podium, a giant poster called the rally “against Islamophobia and racism”, while an imam reciting the prayer to the public.

“Do you want Muslims do treat them as second class citizens”, asked the Council President Nicolas Blancho Islamic central to the crowd, which responded with a big “no”. “Since the votes against the minarets, there was a change of climate.

When the ban on minarets has been accepted, it was a sort of open door to all those who are against Islam, “said Blancho AFP. Switzerland held a referendum in November 2009 after which was approved a reform of the Helvetic Constitution prohibiting the construction of minarets.

“Switzerland was very tolerant, (…) but today there is a climate very aggressive against Muslims,” ​​said Blancho, saying that Muslims were discriminated against in Switzerland including finding housing and jobs.

Tony Blair's sister-in-law and Muslim convert Lauren Booth shows her support

The use by the organizers of a yellow star barred the word “Muslim” (Muslim) – recalling the yellow star that Jews were forced to wear during the Nazi regime in Germany – has provoked an outcry against the Confederation .
The Federation of Islamic Organizations of Switzerland (Time) and the Coordination of Islamic Organizations of Switzerland (Kios) estimated in a joint statement that the fight against Islamophobia should be done “through dialogue and cooperation and not by provocation.”  (There’s nothing to say except “Go the Hell back where you came from, you are unwanted pariahs in Europe”)