Glenn Beck challenges Texas Gun Shop owner over refusal to teach Muslims

Beck is way off base here: “Judge them on the content of their character,” Beck implored Crockett Keller, who then explained that he (Beck) has had conversations with moderate Muslims and said the key is getting the non-radical Muslims to speak out against the radical ones.” (CRAP. There are no moderate Muslims, only Muslims who have not yet acted on the radical teachings of their so-called religion)

“If you are a non-Christian, Arab, or Moslem,  or an Obama-supporter I will not teach you the class,” Keller says in the ad. Beck said after the interview concluded that if you’re turning away someone based on their “religion” and “race,” you are violating the Constitution. He also wondered if the state of Texas would step in if it was found Keller was actually denying services based on race or religion.