About that 'No Compulsion in Islam' thing…

The Amsterdam police published photos of a group of Muslim youth who threatened to shoot a Muslim man in the head because he did not fast during the month of Ramadan.

Islam in Europe  The non-faster was called a “filthy homo who doesn’t comply with the Ramadan.”

The youth also told him that they’ve been very clear and that next time they’ll catch him and kill him ‘after which you’ll go to hell’.

The police tried solving the case on their own, without success. They did not publish the photos earlier because for privacy reasons they don’t put everything on the internet, according to a police spokesperson.

It’s unclear whether this is a homophobic crime. “That they called him ‘gay’ doesn’t mean that he is. For us it doesn’t matter in any case if it is or not. What these people did is criminal and therefore they must be caught.”