Kent State University MUSLIM professor screams "Death to Israel" to an Israeli diplomat who was speaking at the school

This isn’t the first time this radical Muslim professor, Julio Pino, has been involved in Jew-bashing. Pino penned a 2002 column in Kent State’s student newspaper praising the motives of a Palestinian suicide bomber. Five years later, he was accused of contributing to a website called Global War, a self- proclaimed jihadist news service.

CBS  During a speech Tuesday given by Ishmael Khaldi, former deputy consul general at the Israeli consulate in San Francisco, Julio Pino, a tenured associate professor of history, asked Khaldi how the Israeli government could justify giving aid to countries with money that Pino accused of coming as a result of the death of Palestinian children and babies.

According to, an awkward silence came over the auditorium as the two exchanged comments back and forth, claiming the other was being disrespectful to each other and to the event. When Khaldi tried to move on, Pino shouted, “Death to Israel,” as he left the lecture hall, drawing the ire of President Lester Lefton.