The 'SEA HITLER' flotilla of fools sets sail for Gaza for the 11th time!

C’mon, Israel, use real cannons this time.

SABBAH  ‘Freedom Waves for Gaza’ – The Canadian ship Tahrir and the Irish ship Saoirse have successfully reached international waters departing from the Turkish harbor to carry (unneeded) humanitarian aid to (a very obese population of) Arabs, in yet another (futile) attempt to break through the illegal (legal under international law) Israeli blockade of Gaza.

The event unites 27 activists (IslamoNazi asskissers) from 9 countries, including America, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Australia, alongside Arabs from Bethlehem and Haifa, in a broad-based international movement to break Israel’s immoral (necessary for security) blockade of the 1.6 million inhabitants of the Gaza Strip. The Irish yacht Saoirse (Freedom), which carries 15 activists, and the Canadian boat Tahrir (Liberation), which holds 12, will attempt to carry $30,000 in medical supplies beyond the Israeli blockade later this week. ‘Freedom Waves for Gaza’ is the 11th attempt by international activists (commie morons to deliver superfluous humanitarian aid, which rots in warehouses once it gets there)

AFP  An Israeli armed forces spokeswoman said the navy “is prepared to prevent their ability to reach the Gaza Strip,” without specifying how. “We understand that this is once again another provocation in a long line of provocations against the State of Israel,” Avital Leibovitch told the media.

She recalled that the UN-appointed Palmer committee, which investigated the deaths aboard the Mavi Marmara, had ruled that the maritime blockade of Gaza was legal. “I fail to understand how two yachts can carry on board any supplies that would compete with the hundreds of truckloads of supplies that are entering every day into Gaza (from Israel),” she said.