ACTION REQUESTED! Counter the Left Wing Loon attack on an ex-Muslim convert to Christianity

Kamal Saleem, an ex-Muslim who is now a Christian, has been invited by Mayor Don Reimal of Independence, MO to speak at his upcoming Prayer Breakfast. But the lefties are slandering Saleem and trying to get the mayor to uninvite him.

The headline from LOONWATCH about Kamal Saleem reads:

An inappropriate speaker for Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast in Independence, MO

An open letter to Independence Mayor Don Reimal.

The purpose of this letter is to address the selection of Kamal Saleem as the guest speaker for this year’s Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.

It is the opinion of the Interfaith Progressives of Independence that Mr. Saleem is a poor choice for this community event. Mr. Saleem’s message is one of division and fear. He paints Islam as a religion bent on world domination and violence. We don’t understand how this message is appropriate for our community.

On his own website (, one can find him stating things such as this: “there are people coming here (USA) who want to convert the stars on the American flag into crescents.” (

Mayor Reimal, we find such sentiments to be inappropriate for the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. It is important that civic events be welcoming to all people in Independence.

The Interfaith Progressives of Independence believe it is important that all our Muslim, Jewish, atheist and other citizenry are treated with respect. In our opinion, the choice of Mr. Saleem is disrespectful to our non-fundamentalist Christian residents.
Rev. Brian Morse
Mark Matzeder
Michele Yancey Bigler
Terry Flowers
Paul Neidlinger
Michele Spillman
Interfaith Progressives of Independence

The Lefties are requesting people to write to the Mayor and object to the inclusion of Kamal Saleem in the Prayer Breakfast. (To all BNIers) Let’s show solidarity and contact the Mayor to let him know that Saleem is indeed a very EXCELLENT selection as a speaker for the event.

Phone: (816) 325-7027
Home Phone: (816) 461-6044
Fax: (816) 325-7012