CANADIAN MUSLIM who 'honor' killed his three daughters and one of his wives shows no remorse during questionning

In the lengthy videos of police interviews of the killer, Mohammad Shafia and his family, played in Ontario Superior Court, wife Tooba Mohammad Yahya pressed her face into the pictures of her dead children, wept, threw back her head and wailed in grief.

HONOR KILLERS Mohammad Shafia, son Hamed, & 2nd wife Tooba

  It was distressing, as it always is to hear a person howl in pain — but then, this is Yahya we are describing, and she is no stranger, shall we say, to the theatre arts.

Indeed, in the first two-thirds of the interview the jurors have seen on video Yahya also occasionally protested that she was tired, weak or sick and that her mind was not stable, flirted with her handsome male interrogator, albeit in a perfectly proper Muslim/Afghan way, argued with him, disagreed with him and pretty much stood her ground.

Only hours into the interview did she finally admit that on the night her three daughters and “that lady” — as she invariably and dismissively called Rona Amir Mohammad, ostensibly her husband’s cousin, but in truth his first wife — drowned in a black Nissan, she and her precious son Hamed heard the splash of the car entering the water at the Kingston Mills locks and ran toward it, “and we saw that a car was in the water.”

But did she or Hamed do anything? Did they try to save the girls? Leap into the dark water? Call police? They did not, Yahya acknowledged — in her case, she said, because of course she swooned from the shock and “fell down” and “became unconscious,” as she is wont to do, and as for her son, she suggested, perhaps didn’t have his cellphone.