GOOD! UK to seize home of convicted terrorist leaving his family homeless


The Munir Farooqi family is a Muslim terrorist’s family in Manchester who are currently facing the threat of their home being seized by the CPS under terrorism laws. This means 5 adults will be made homeless as well as a seven month old baby and an eight year old child. (Oh, Boo Hoo)

(Who cares! Kick them all out of the UK or they will just get a free luxury manor house from the welfare department)

Aseerun  The Farooqi family were told they may be made homeless as a result of Munir Farooqi’s recent conviction on terrorism charges (because his home was purchased with profits made from terrorist activity).

In September of 2011, Munir Farooqi was convicted of distributing Islamic  media. He is currently appealing a verdict of four life sentences from behind bars while three generations of Farooqi’s fight desperately to hold on to their family home.

4 life sentences just for distributing media? From: UK DAILY MAIL A former Taliban fighter who ran a market stall as a recruitment centre for extremists to wage war on British troops was jailed for  life yesterday. Pakistani-born British citizen Munir Farooqi was at the centre of a plot to persuade vulnerable young men  to ‘fight, kill and die’ in a jihad, or holy war, in Afghanistan.

In an extension of political persecution (Oh, please), the Manchester police have moved to seize the Farooqi family home. If the police application to the court proves successful, the extended Farooqi family, including two young children, will be forcibly and unjustly removed from their home and thereby rendered homeless. (Buh Bye, go back to Pakistan)

This pursuance of punitive policy against innocent members of the Farooqi family, who are guilty of no crime, is a grievous and outrageous injustice. To punish people free from any wrongdoing for merely being next of kin is contradictory to the ideals of any civilised society and is a deplorable form of collective punishment that should be immediately rectified. (Marry a terrorist and you are guilty by association)