'ISLAMOPHOBIA' – Great news for France, not so good for England

VIVE LA FRANCE! Muslim organization claims that rising ‘Islamophobia’ in France has Muslims fleeing to England. Hear that, guys? You know the drill.

Islam vs Europe  The number of Islamophobic acts increased by over 20% during the first nine months of 2011, today announced the Observatory of Islamophobic acts of the French Council of Muslim Faith (CFCM), who fears an even greater increase before the presidential elections.

These figures from the Ministry of Interior “regarding Islam, Islamophobia, insults, racist, increased between January 1 and September 30, 22%” or 115 complaints over this period in police stations and police stations, said Abdallah Zekri, president of the Observatory, at a press conference at the Great Mosque of Paris.

These figures are to consider “all acts together: desecration of cemeteries, mosques, attacks, insults, provocations, Korans burned and thrown in the garbage,” he said.

However, they are “far from reality” as many people as he do not complain. If these cases are taken into account, “we can say that the increase, according to the statistics we have, is about 50% to 55%,” he said. (EVEN BETTER!)

Abdallah Zekri expressed concern that the figures “are even higher in November and December as we enter a phase of election” and “there will be unhealthy sane minds who will point to Muslims and Islam as the problem.” (Elect Marine Le Pen and the Front National party)

In talking about this on the radio, a Muslim made the following interesting comment: “Many people are thinking about leaving. Lots of people have left for England where there is a lot more tolerance.”