[UPDATED] Buffalo Muslim man has been sentenced to 4-6 years for keeping a 13-year-old girl as his sex slave

ONLY 4 to 6 years? A slap on the wrist for Michael Abdallah, 26, who pleaded guilty last month to rape and prostitution charges. Authorities arrested him last year and he was later indicted on multiple charges including rape, promoting prostitution, and child endangerment. The case is said to have involved four teen-aged girls.

WIVB  (H/T Dawn E) Disturbing accusations are surfacing about a teenaged runaway held captive for months.Buffalo Police have charged Abdullah with holding a 13-year-old girl hostage for months and having sex with her repeatedly..

But the disturbing accusations don’t end there. We’re learning more shocking revelations about a man accused in the repeated rape of an under-age girl held captive in a Buffalo home.

We’ve learned this investigation started in December when a 1-year-old baby boy was brought to Women and Children’s Hospital with a burn on his hand. Police learned that at the time of the burn, a 13-year-old girl was watching the child. That led authorities to arrest Michael Abdallah. A neighbor told News 4 that she’s seen him with several women before, but never teenaged girls.

Michael Abdallah is believed to be the son of Salah Abdullah, the owner of the deli that caught fire, and where firefighters Lt. Charles Chip McCarthy and Donathan Croom lost their lives after becoming trapped. Michael’s brother Adel told News 4 he hasn’t had contact with Michael for two years. The father has returned to Yemen.

This is a family whose problems have made the news more than once. Neighbors say Abdallah’s family also lives on the street, and they say his sister is Etidel Abdullah, the 21-year-old Lackawanna woman who went missing back in September of 2008.  Only to surface five months later. She had been living with a relative’s girlfriend in Buffalo, telling authorities she was ok. It is still unclear why she went into hiding.

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