NORWAY: Rape epidemic of Norwegian girls direct result of Muslim immigration

Back in May it was reported that every rape assault in the city of Oslo in the last five years had been committed by a person with a “non-Western” background – a Norwegian euphemism for Muslim. Now it turns out that there have already been twice as many rape assaults in Oslo so far this year as there were in all of 2010.

Pat Dollard  At least one member of Parliament, André Oktay Dahl of the Conservative Party, calls the situation “critical” and is brave enough to acknowledge that many of the perpetrators come from cultures “with a reprehensible attitude toward women.”

The scandalous fact is that Norway, for all its wealth, has chosen not to invest overmuch in law and order.  “Norway wastes millions of kroner every year on ‘development aid’ that ends up largely in the pockets of corrupt African dictators; it pours millions more into the pockets of non-Western immigrants who have become masters at exploiting the welfare system; the Norwegian government even funds anarchists. It’s not entirely misguided for a Norwegian citizen to feel that his tax money is going less to fight the crime that threatens his home, his self, and his business than to support criminals.” But beefing up the police force wouldn’t even begin to address the problem that’s at the root of the country’s growing rape crisis: the presence in Norway, and especially in Oslo, of ever-growing numbers of people who have nothing but contempt for Western culture, who have absolutely no concept of respect for members of religions other than their own, and who have been brought up on the idea that women who dare to walk the street alone and without veils covering their faces deserve to be violated. Not so very many years ago, Oslo was virtually a rape-free city, inhabited by people who had been brought up on civilized notions of mutual respect and tolerance. No longer.

Over the years, the incidence of rape has risen steadily. A wildly disproportionate number of the perpetrators are “rejected asylum seekers” – which may sound puzzling unless you are aware of the perverse state of affairs whereby even persons officially rejected for asylum in Norway are still allowed to stay. And the increasing temerity of the rapists – who know very well that they will probably not be caught, and, if caught, will not be severely punished – is reflected in the fact that the most recent rape (in which two men assaulted a 21-year-old woman) took place virtually in the backyard of the Royal Palace.

Oslo is, of course, not alone in having undergone this cultural sea change: many major cities in Western Europe have experienced similar transformations. Yet it now appears that the incidence of rapes in Oslo has now eclipsed that in the other two Scandinavian capitals, Stockholm and Copenhagen. This is quite an achievement, given that Oslo has traditionally been the smallest and sleepiest of these three cities – the least cosmopolitan, the one that feels more like a safe small town than a European capital. A glimpse of the official mentality that makes this steady rise in rape statistics possible was provided in an article that appeared in the Norwegian daily Dagbladet on October 25. It appears that in the summer of last year, the same paper ran a story about Abdi, a Somali immigrant, then 24 years old, who since coming to Norway as an asylum seeker had committed 14 robberies, been incarcerated, become a narcotic, and lived on welfare. On June 3, 2010, Dagbladet reported, an Oslo court had ruled that Abdi, who is not a Norwegian citizen, should be returned to Somalia. Now, however, that ruling has been overturned by an appeals court. Abdi’s lawyer was jubilant, saying that this decision “is important for many Somalis in this country.” (Of all immigrant groups in Norway, Somalis are among those with the lowest employment and highest crime rates.)

The lawyer chided Norway for having shown “an ugly face in this case” by planning to return her client to Somalia, but she expressed hope that given the new decision Norway would “change its practice” – presumably meaning that no amount of unsavory activity would make it possible to kick an immigrant out. The appeals court’s basis for its decision to let Abdi stay in Norway was that it might be dangerous for him to live in Somalia. Whether letting him stay in Norway might make life dangerous for Norwegians didn’t seem to enter into the court’s calculus. It’s not only the courts, to be sure, that are at fault in this sort of situation. In such cases, the media almost invariably step in and bombard the public with shameless propaganda designed to stir up sympathy for the miscreant in question. So it was with the Dagbladet article the other day, which sought to present Abdi as repentant, reformed, and reflective – indeed, almost sagacious and saintly. He was represented as having claimed that he has turned over a new leaf and that he now wants to help wayward immigrant kids to straighten out. He also supposedly said that he wants to study to be a sociologist (which, the more one thinks about it, sounds potentially even more dangerous than if he decided to persevere in his life of crime).


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  1. Why did our government let those people(muslims) in our country? They( the government) never asked the people/tax payers(us) how we felt about letting muslims in they just did it against our will.What have they done to our children and our children’s children? It is not racist to protect your country and it’s people.The people say deport.

    • To begin with, the majority of Western “élites” are overwhelmingly infected with Communist ideas from Marx, Engels, Ljéñin, Stáljin, Mao and the rest!!!!

      #2, MANY of those same people are BRIBED and/or intimidated by Moslems (especially Arabs, above all Saudis) via money, assassination and blackmail threats, &c.

      #3, the élitists are governmental civil-servants and politicians in addition to union-leaders, academics, “church”-leaders, “think-tank” people and the rest (notably the truly-rich – e.g., György Soros {pronounced “Shórosh” as a Hungarian}). THESE people don’t really care ONE IOTA who they represent; instead, they regard their constituents with contempt and as “serfs” of a sort who only need to confirm them every so often – and if they could (and one day they anyway WILL!!!), they’ll do away with Western democracy and push things back to an aristocratic/oligarchic DICTATORSHIP!!!!! Moslems and other immigrants are useful to those TRAITORS as a means of diluting the votes of those who oppose the “élite”!!!

      That’s why our “representatives” will IGNORE those who voted them in at every possible opportunity!!!

  2. The God of Israel warns in the bible that he will curse all nations who go against Israel. Oslo is the place where the so call peace treaty between the terrorists and Israel was signed, it is also one of the most anti Semitic countries today. It’s time the Gentiles start taking the word of God seriously as stated in the Hebrew bible.

  3. We have the same problems with the Muslims happening here in Canada. Until recent years, although our country is made up of people from around the world we all basically lived together peacefully, respected and lived by the same laws and the majority of newcomers had no problem trying to assimulate. That all changed with the huge influx of immigrants and refugees from Muslim countries.

    Besides the Muslims doing everything in their power to kill freedom of speech, trying to introduce Sharia law, teaching hate and anti-west propaganda in their Islamic schools and mosques, building huge mosques with funding from the Muslim Brotherhood, and of course trying to make us feel guilty for having been born in Canada and now telling us that if we don’t like them we can leave, they are also doing a very good job of recruiting young Canadian men into their sick ideology.

    The Toronto 18, all Muslims including converts planned to blow up the subway, government buildings, etc. in Toronto and then blow up the Parliment buildings and behead our Prime Minister.

    That terrorist attack just a few weeks ago in Algeria when all of those hostages were murdered? Three of them ( possibly four ) that helped carry out that attack and died doing so were young Canadian men, all friends to each other who converted to Islam.

    Then we have the infamous Omar Khadr family living in Toronto, all living on welfare who openly declare their full support for the extremists, jihad and suicide bombers and condemning this country as having immoral values etc. None of the kids had ever spent more than a year or two in Canada until the father was killed and one of the sons paralyzed while taking part in terrorist activities because Mom and Pop moved to Pakistan right after receiving their citizenship here and literally only came back when they needed medical care or Ma was having another baby.

    Just a few examples of the wonderful new additions to our once peaceful country.

    Canadians keep urging our Government to look at whats happening in Europe with the Muslims and other immigrants who refuse to conform and telling them that we don’t want the same thing to happen here but for some reason they seem intent on bringing in everyone from third world countries who settle in ghettos and collect welfare, to the point that Toronto, Vancouver and some of our other biggest cities have a majority population of visible minorities .

    Help !!! We need more Europeans to immigrate here.

  4. Why does no one talk of the over generous welfare to foreigners, in the u.s. those arriving are not given big handouts so immigrants have to have to work hard to establish themselves.

    A strong nationalistic attitude to all things non-american and to see everyone blend in slowed this type of behaviour for years. Recent increase in immigration of islamic devotees of all nations has lead to simular activities that is spurred on by the import of lesser educated and establishment of islamic neighborhoods.

    too many of any group of immigrants congregated in one area, is detrimental to a society a neighborhood that socializes conducts commerce worships and locks it self in will breathe it’s own toxins and swear the world is trying to poison them.

    • Cali

      As someone who has interacted with American immigration recently, you should know, that the US government does indeed give out hand out to immigrants. Just not legal ones. You can arrive in the US illegally and be giving housing and benefits 24 hours within arriving into some states.

      But, if you arrive in the US legally you are prohibited from applying to any form of benefits for 5 years.

      By and large it is the same in Europe. There is a two tier immigration system in place now, one where legal immigrants are held to the letter of the law and forced to comply or be removed from the country. And another for illegal immigrants who have hit the lottery and the same standards of the law are not applied or ignored.


    • It’s not a question of “Third-World scum”, but a question of Moslems!!!

      Christians are the BEST FIT with the West (the numbers of Jews are so relatively low so as not to make that much of a difference – though they otherwise suit the same identical way), followed by Buddhists, Hindus, pagans and the rest OTHER THAN MOSLEMS!!!!

      Otherwise, you’re right: Moslems either have to genuinely RENOUNCE ISLAM OR be deported ‘en masse’ from the West!!!!! Islam CAN’T mix with anybody other than Islam!!!!

  5. It is stupid to say people who discriminate against Muslims are racists for Islam is not an ethnicity but a religion.
    Been traveling to Sweden since the 1970’s and have seen it change through the years. It was a very peaceful country but now it is starting to deteriorate and crime is more rampant. The difference between the past and now is there are more Muslim immigrants. Majority of the crimes perpetrated are by these minorities.
    People can keep denying or covering it up with lies and excuses for fear of being branded a racist or just plain ignorance, but the truth is more apparent than you might think.

  6. I’m an expat American who moved to Sweden 2 years ago to live with my Swedish fiancée. Only after living here for a year or two does one begin to realize how bad the Muslim infection really is.

    Sweden has the same problem as neighboring Norway (and Denmark, Finland and the rest of Europe): Muslim immigrants are destroying  a once beautiful country and continent!

    There are Swedish girls getting raped by Middle Eastern scumbags every week since these “immigrants” have nothing but hatred towards Westerners.

    There are also murders, arson, vandalism, car theft, etc. happening non-stop in Sweden now and it’s about 90% done by Muslim losers. Even rude, technically non-criminal behavior, such as blasting shitty music from their cars, getting into screaming arguments on the metro, etc. is ALWAYS caused by a Middle Easterner. 

    The problem is, as I learned first hand in my SFI (Swedish For Immigrants) language classes, that the Swedish government, media, teachers, and parents all brainwash the children (and even new “normal/Western” immigrants such as myself) with the mantra “multi-culturalism enriches our lives!”

    There is now an entire generation of young Swedes who feel that it is “bad” and/or “boring” to be from a white, peaceful nation and that by bringing in hundreds of thousands of “refugees” from the Middle East and North Africa that this will somehow improve the quality of their lives.

    I honestly have yet to meet one Swede under 30 who is not insanley overly Politically Correct now due to this brainwashing!

    I fear that it is too late to fix the problem though. The Muslims are like cock roaches: once one gets inside millions more follow. There is not one country left in Europe that hasn’t been infected. 

    • Spuds, thank you for confirming what a lot of people don’t want to believe about Sweden. Enter “Sweden” into the Search box here and you’ll find many stories about which you refer. Please feel free to send me any that I miss over here. Perhaps you should bring your fiance back here…but not until we get rid of Obama.

  7. I cant understand how europeans dnt react at this foreign criminals dnt get killed or linch by the from argentina and laws here are very hard on crimes such as rape and any rapist that end up on our prisons gets raped by the other inmates,dayly.and worst for foreigners.i just readed all this and saddens me that nobody do something for those girls.and after all yet are stupids that think southamerica is the third think the argentina people would allow any foreign to disrespect our country like those shity muslims are doing to norway and other european countrys?people should get themselves guns and do for americans,they glorify people like ted bundy,i mean,they got an epídemic of serial killers that does nt have comparisson to any other country so they are nt to judge no one.just taking a look to argentina criminal history u wont find more than 6 famous criminals that can vaguely be aliken to a serial killer.and of course argentina women dnt make fan clubs for men that kill and rape women.i cant say that about usa,where women made fan club for someone such as ted bundy.i mean what kinda mind dísease have that society to allow that to happen?.

  8. Persoanlly I think muslims have no respect for whites. who the fuck do they think they are coming into welcoming countries and disrupting woman and the laws of the countries. and as for woman who dont cover up thier face are asking to be raped?! Well that may be the law in thier country but it certainly doest occur in a country like sweden or finnlin. If they cant respect the country then get the fuck out of it and go back to thier own . and obviesly you should go join them since you love muslims so much. I dont , they are dirty poeple and i feel sorry for thier women who get abused every day. woman are not a thing to be owned. they are poeple with rights and can do anything a man can do , and they can do it in heels. Musilms juts cant eccept that fact so they think they can just come into differant countries and do as they please. I hope Karma gets them good!

    • “woman are not a thing to be owned. they are poeple with rights and can do anything a man can do , and they can do it in heels. ”

      TY for the compliment Bea!! (HUG)
      Also, Thank-You for all the other points you made in your postings!!

      muslims had best start getting it through their thick skulls that things are changing a crackdown on their sickening and depraved behaviour is starting to happen globally.

      The Christian view; Jesus loves the muslims also as he does all mankind.

      The Pagan view: Odin demands the muslims grow the F**k up!!

    • This savage race can only be ruled by brutality such as beheading, public whippings, firing squads. When they come to an advanced civilization and commit crimes they are rewarded with free housing, food, clothes. electricity, water, dental and medical at the state resorts. This is not punishment to them it’s just an easy way to live in a sophisticated culture for which they are mentally incapable of understanding it so they hate it and want to turn it in to something the do understand. Deport for the sake of our children and our children’s children.

  9. I persoanlly think that the Islams should be band from certain countrys and go back to thier own countries and do what they want to thier own woman. not treat other woman in other countries like dirt!. And tweetie, If you dont agree them maybe you should go to islam and live there. graranteed you’ll come running back to where you are now and realise that you were wrong. Theres nothing wrong with americans, norwegions, scandinavians, finnlins. Infact they are probably more cleaner than your towel headed friends. And I strongly thing they should just send those towel heads back to thier country before they over populate that country and inbead all the beautiful blonde woman!

  10. I say really very sorry on behalf of muslim community. Those rapes and crimes must b stopped. I appeal to Norwagian people and other European that please dont hate muslims. Dont hate whole community. I know whatever those bad muslims has done with you is unforgettable. Even i invite those people to india who has posted their comments here above and hate muslims, come here in india, and look how we mmuslims and other people lives with such a great harmony. Even when hindus and gujarat government killed more than 5,500 muslims, raped more than 100 muslim women and girls ranging from age of 14 to 45, no muslims raped any hindu women or girl. American government denied visa of that chief minister of gujarat state, narendra modi.

    • whom, don’t come here begging for sympathy for muslims. muslims have killed about 80 million Hindus in the past 500 years.


      Koenard Elst in Negationism in India gives an estimate of 80 million Hindus killed in the total jihad against India. [Koenard Elst, Negationism in India, Voice of India, New Delhi, 2002, pg. 34.] The country of India today is only half the size of ancient India, due to jihad. The mountains near India are called the Hindu Kush, meaning the “funeral pyre of the Hindus.”

    • Then stand with us in speaking out againt those who rape, kill and enslave.

      The choices the islamists are forcing on you and us is this:
      Pick a side, or be seen as the enemy due to the principle of complicity of silence.

      More Muslims need to stand and speak out against those committing the atrocities, that’s an obvious fact. because if you remain silent, and the islamists continue raping, killing, and generally behaving like sub-primates well…how are we supposed to tell one from another??
      telepathy is not exactly common outside of science fiction.

      But, at the risk of riling some feathers here, I for one do appreciate your sentiments of apology regrding rape victims and others harmed by islamists.
      As you’re in India, beware islamist incursion from Pakistan–they’ll insinuate themselves, take over, and before you know it they’ll declare folks like you ‘insufficiently faithful’ and label you apostate–then, they’ll kill you, it’s happening in other nations exactly that way right now.
      Eyes Open. Be Watchful.

      To my fellow BNI’ers and our Host–I trust we’re all sufficiently civilized enough to permit a little basic civilty, and ask you to please not hold this against me. I am not–as you all know–an islamist sympathizer, but he spoke in a civil way, and expressed sentiments of apology to our rape victims from islamist activity, thus I felt the appropriateness of an Evolved response with courtesy and manners in reply.
      After being compared to a Nazi sympathizer by a certain other anti-islamification blogger, I’m being careful this time around.

      But if we claim to be better than islamists, we MUST show it–islamists hate and kill indiscriminately, and We Are Better!!

  11. It is so sad and disruptive that some bad muslims doing these dirty things like raping and committing crime here and there. I am a sunni muslim from india and i feel deeply sad for all this chaos caused by muslims. Cant say whole muslims community rapist on basis of bad deed of few muslims. And cant judge all muslims by those living in Norway, there are lots of muslim countries and lots of gentlemen muslim men on that country. I hope you all my christian friends will understand what i want to say and my condolence to those victim of rape and keen of dead.

  12. hey Tweedy if you are not proud of being half american and half Norwegian-, why dont you go and live in some middle east nation and gain full citizenship there. Whats stopping you? You talk because you have it all good .Go live in these places and you will want to kiss the ground you so easily say you dislike.

  13. Yea send muslim scum and their shitty head tents back to their country.
    How could they rape women that welcomed them to their country. Fuck makes me mad. :@

  14. tweedy, its obvious you are an arabic or turkish woman yourself, or if you really should be Europan you are one of these hired authors who write on behalf of our criminal politicians.

    I am German and in Berlin the situation is the same: th80 percent of all crimes in Berlin-Neukölln and other “no go -areas” are perpetrated by muslim men. But those “intensiv-straftäter” (people who commit more than 10 crimes) can commit 20, 30 crimes and the German authority DO NOT arrest them. The racism is there, but its racism from people like you and from our authorities, the muslims have turned our socitiey into RACIST regimes: Because the muslims can do what they want, they can commit any crime they like, they can kill, rob and rape their hosts (who had welcomed them into their land), and nothing happens to them. The victims are Europeans, and it is people like you who try to intimidate the population, your desire is they keep their mouth shut, right? 😀 How bad for you, that your racist system of intimidation is not working any more :-) People are starting to speak up and the truth comes out about the MULTI-CULTI Nightmare. “Multi-culti” is a Zionist codeword for the DESTRUCTION OF EUROPE. And yes, i do not blame the muslim countries, it is the USA and Israel who started wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and so on, and it is the USrael promoters like the Jewish activist Barbara Lerner Spectre who promotes mass-immigration and destruction of Europe (google for her on Youtube, she is trying to turn Sweden into a Muslim nation).

    I do not blame the muslim countries, i blame the Zionist USrael criminals. They clearly bring the worst of muslim societies and violence, drugs and rape to our countries, their goal is to involve us and to drag Europe into their criminal USrael wars on IRAN and other nations.

    But you, dear Tweedy, are one of those Zionist supporters, because you A) tell lies B) promote mass-immigration and destruction and C) you try to whitewash the crimes of the immigrants. So European men are the same like Muslim men? LOL! Good joke! :-)

    The muslims claim that European society was “not clean”, but when i take a look about how you Muslim scum and you criminals have turned our cities into Ghettos with crime, drugs and violence – something we did not have before you came – then we can all see that you are a liar. Berlin used to be a city where you could walk anywhere at night, nothing happened to you. Today, since we have hundreds of thousands of Arabs, Turks and other Non-European scum, the city had turned into a criminal, dirty ghetto.

    NOTICE to all good people: do not blame the muslim countries, they have sent the worst scum to us. Blame the Zionists in USrael, who want to drag us into their criminal wars, this is why they flood Europe with mass-immigration: Because Mass-immigration brings RACISM, RAPE, VIOLENCE AND HATE.

    STOP THE MASS IMMIGRATION NOW! – send all rapists and criminals back to their home countries!

  15. I cant and will not change you view, course you are already so brain washed that there is no hope for that. And where do i write that I am a Muslim lover ??????? However if have Muslim friends is to be a Muslim lover, I’m there and proud of it. What I’m not proud of is that I am half American, and have American and Norwegian citizenship. Why I can not be proud of is my American citizenship. Precisely because of such people like you who are on this page.
    lol :) As for booth camp……….You will have to discuss whit colleges of my father how was an officer in the US marine.

    Good luck hating Muslims, when is relay you self and your government you hate.

    A Norwegian/ American Muslim loving girl

    • So, let me get this straight as I’m a (as you assume) stupid westerner…
      Y’all done got all them ‘Good’ so-mal-i-anz??

      Masquerade over. Midnight! Time to Unmask!
      Tweedy, I find your educational and intellectual levels as you claim them to be dubious. I’m dyslexic, admitting that up front so you don’t misunderstand spelling errors as flawed intellect.
      Now, in Norway we have the words of your Police vs, islamist-enablers like yourself.
      There’s also the islamist problems in Australia, Spain, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Canada, USA…
      And you’re telling us that Norway has been magickally spared getting the same islamist bludgewits the rest of us are suffering the ‘societal enrichment’ of??

      I’ll tend to stick with the statements of your Police vs. yourself, considering the evidence from the rest of the world.

      I suppose you’ll be trying to tell us that the rapes we’ve been seeing here locally are just ‘media hype’ also?
      I wouldn’t say that around some of the men where I live, especially the father’s of the victims.
      Sweetie, I carry a gun, and a combat knife, and I’m fully trained in their use and hand-to-hand combat.
      Lately I’ve had two violent confrontations with islamists and one that could very well have turned that way–if it had, I’d have killed him where he stood, PolCorr be damned.
      I really hope you do not find out personally for yourself how insidious this islamist plague is and how dangerous it is to women. If you do, and you survive it–well, my condolences and sympathies in advance.

      islam, is not a ‘race’ as they are not genetically distinct as a sub-group and therefore using the term ‘Racist’ in regards to people opposed to islam and such is absolutely incorrect, and shows that you like most Leftists are cerebrally lazy, therefore calling the rest of your claims and points into question.

  16. Tweedy, ok we will take it from the start as you say. As far as you being higher educated, having a higher work position and traveled and seen more than any of us – I seriously doubt it! Read your first double negative run on sentence with not one clear thought! Second, I don’t know how you found this awesome site it is for people who hate Muslimes. If in fact your way more educated then any of us you would have known that your Muslime love spreading would not be appreciated (and you won’t change anyone’s mind) here and who cares if your a girl, cat or, dog it makes no difference when you come here spewing how much you love the Muslimes they will tell you like it is. Put your big girl panties on and stop being so condescending and uppity there are facts that support these articles. We were not talking rape around the world just one particuliar area. Neither type of rape is as you so put it worst? All types are detrimental to the woman or girl and the rest of their life is changed and not for the better. If you would like to discuss the particuliar region in question intelligently, I would like to hear your thoughts being from there (the region in question). Stop talking about how we (the US) is dependant on everything and everyone else because now you have struck a real nerve and I have fought for this great Country once before and I will do it again. Semper Fi Patriots and have a great day!
    Ms. BNI Mr. BNI may remember this one: What are they going to do shave my head and send me off to bootcamp? I’ve already been there!

    • The only condescending one is you Jenn, and while tweedy fails to make a good argument I think it is more than safe to say that this site promotes hate and discrimination towards ethnic and Muslim minorities. So tweedy is correct when she says that supporters of this site a racist which brings me to the point i love making which is that muslims have been the new “jews”

      • Leeyah, you moron, please tell us what ‘race’ is Islam? If they are the ‘new Jews’ where are all the ovens?

        • Oh Barenakedislam, as I am still researching this topic and will probably in turn post my own thoughts and analysis here later, I just HAVE to point out the fact (unrelated to islam and the presumed points) that almost all minority death camps (or ovens as you say) were found after many many years of blood shed and war efforts.

          This comment just really disgusted me, thank you.

  17. Ok lets take this from the start
    I’m Christian, I’m old enough to live my own life, and my education is probably higher than yours, as is my work position. And true my work, I probably traveled and seen more than you have.
    Next is that the fact is that US is depending on this country natural resources, as thy are depending on Chinese loans. The truth is that the day China want there money back, the U.S. is bankruptcy.
    When it comes to rape, you are now better than others. Just the condescending tone you write to me as a girl, for not hating the Muslims , show how racist and vicious you are, and the type of men who can decide to put drugs in the drink of a girl. No I’m not blind, and I do see the cultural issues, and how you choose to be a par of the problem, and not the solution. And Western men do rape western girls and foreign girls. Find your state sticks to show you the numbers in your own country of this type of things, then include unreported case……then look at the numbers of residents and compare it with the number of cases, and you starting, just starting to get the right facts. I also see how western men “import” and go for vacation to Asian country to get laid. Do you honestly think this girls grow up dreaming about western men paying to abusing and rape them ??? Well known that this girls are tick in to it (Trafficking)…..As I say, western men are just more slick, you dont only rape the body, you rape the souls as well. Well educated and inform about it, but because you pay pocket money for it, it`s “more recognize and legal” and Asian woman dont police report it, because is a matter of honer. So what kind of rape is worst ????

  18. hey tweedy if you think this is sick and racist then what d oyou call what is going on in the world how the islamists ar econducting themselves? so what about darfur, egypt, lybia, syria, tunisa, and all the other places that are in upheavel, sweetie i do not know how old you are but better get some education, i only hope your daddy dont kill you though for asking questions

  19. Hi,
    I’m a Norwegian girl, and I live in Oslo, the capital our Country for you that do not know that, and I have “non western” friends, and the “so-called rape wave” is not a wave, and the numbers do not match it’s just that the MEDIA started to give it attention, in the absence of others scandals, and believe me you western men are not better. You are only more slick and put drugs in our drinks, that way it will not be a direct rape. This is racist and offensive :(:(:(:(

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