Well, maybe there's one Whole Foods store that doesn't cater to Muslims

A Muslim asslifter/whiner who once was employed at the Whole Foods Callowhill store claims he was heckled by supervisors for praying in a storage area and fired from the supermarket for his religious beliefs. The only place he felt safe praying was near the dumpster! 

(And on his behalf, CAIR will be filing yet another litigation jihad lawsuit for the big payoff in 5…4….3….2…)


PHILLY  The allegations are especially troubling because Whole Foods had a Ramadan promotion featuring its halal foods this year, said Amara Chaudhry, Philadelphia civil-rights director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is representing the dismissed employee.

“We believe that Whole Foods at 2001 Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, was discriminating against an employee on the basis of religion and it seems to contradict their prior efforts to court the Muslim community,” Chaudhry said. (Now you know what they really think of Muslims when they aren’t being harassed by the PC police)

Glenn Mack Jr., 24, who worked for Whole Foods since 2008 and claims he never took a vacation, alleges that after he took 18 vacation days in November 2010 to attend a religious pilgrimage to Mecca, he was downgraded from full-time to seasonal status. When he complained to the company’s human-relations department that he felt he was being discriminated against because of his religion, he was returned to full-time status, Chaudhry said.

However, after he complained, Mack claims that on three or four occasions he was followed to a storage area where he’d always prayed without problems and was now being heckled by supervisors, Chaudhry said. The only place he felt safe to pray after that was near the store’s Dumpster, she said. (Oh, Boo Hoo!)

Three months later, in February 2011, Mack was fired from the store, on Pennsylvania Avenue near 20th Street in Franklintown, and was told it was for attendance reasons, although he claims Whole Foods fabricated that rationale, Chaudhry said. Mack filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in March, Chaudhry said. (CAIR filed it)

In a written statement, Whole Foods denied the allegations. “While we don’t give out details about current or former team members, we can say that we deny such allegations, we value and celebrate diversity, and we have a zero-tolerance discrimination policy,” the statement said.