CANADA'S Jewish Defense League gets death threat from Muslim thug

The threat was posted as a comment on the following blog post in 1389blog (H/T Lelani L)

*JDL* Memorial for Rabbi Meir Kahane – Monday, November 21 @ 7:30pm @ Toronto Zionist Centre

*Kahane Was Right*
Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D
Toronto Zionist Centre
Monday, November 21
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
788 Marlee Avenue, Toronto

Come and attend this important event. There will be speeches with a video presentation.It has been 21 years since the Murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane. His message was and is still vital for Jewish survival. All of the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People. The Arabs in Israel are  Islamic settlers, not natives. Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Jewish State Plan is the only solution for stability in the Land of Israel.

Muhammad says:
November 7, 2011 at 5:14 am
“Hey Weinstein,
I’ll see you there. I will be bringing a bunch of my Muslim friends. Hopefully you can make it… we are going to have fun fun fun time. My best suggestion, call in with the flu because we will be outside and inside, and nothing can stop us from breaking down your little wall of ailing old men and a few skinheads. We will expose you, and if you try anything you will regret it. We be waiting for you buddy… can’t wait, it’s going to be good. Let’s see how deep you back Kahane, the dead Jewish terrorist… bring something to defend yourselves, you guys are going to need it. Cheers.

Who was Meir Kahane?

JVL Meir David Kahane was born in Brooklyn, NY, on August 1, 1932. That the same man can be referred to as both a “visionary hero of the Jewish people” and as a “criminal racist,”  testifies to the controversial nature of Rabbi Meir Kahane, his followers, and the various organizations that he founded.

His life’s work, however, started in 1968, when he founded the Jewish Defense League (JDL). Kahane saw many of the poor and elderly Jews living in the inner-city being targeted by criminals; as a result, he set out to change the image of the Jew from “weak and vulnerable” to one of a “mighty fighter, who strikes back fiercely against tyrants.”

The JDL’s controversial methods, which frequently included the threat of, or actual violence, greatly exacerbated the Black-Jewish tension already present in New York City. The JDL also focused on the plight of Soviet Jewry, and coined the phrases “Never again,” and “every Jew a .22” to emphasize that Jews would no longer passively ignore the plight of their foreign brethren.

Kahane and his family moved to Israel in 1971, where he founded the militantly anti-Arab Kach party. The party’s platform called for the anexation of all conquered territories and the forcible removal of all Palestinians.

Kahane was finally elected to the Israeli Knesset in 1984. His movement continued to grow until,
prior to the 1988 Knesset elections, the Kach party was banned from running by a LaborLikud coalition. The ban was based on an amendment added to Israel’s Basic Law that disqualified any candidate whose platform included “incitment to racism.”

Two years later, Kahane was assassinated in New York City by an Egyptian Muslim militant, who was acquitted of the crime on a technicality, but later convicted in relation to the World Trade Center bombing.

Listen to Kahane’s famous ‘Open Letter to the World’ and think how much better things would be today if he had ever been prime minister of Israel.