Dutch Elderly under violent attack in their own homes

The video hides the nationalities of the attackers, referring to them simply as ‘youths’ or ‘robbers,’ the preferred politically correct terms for Moroccan and Turkish Muslim immigrant thugs.

Militant Islam Monitor  Ethnic crime in the Netherlands A relatively high number of Turkish and especially Moroccan immigrants are involved in crime. This has been going on for years now, as has clearly been shown in detailed studies conducted by criminologists. Nearly 4 out of 10 young Moroccans in the Netherlands are criminal suspects A recent study on Dutch Moroccans by NRC Handelsblad reporter Paul Andersson Toussaint claims that 70 percent of the Moroccan youths in Amsterdam have a police record. He quotes reliable sources who claim that it is the Moroccan parents who are largely to blame for this. They invariably instruct their children to look down on native Dutch. These Moroccan kids now behave like little street gang bosses harassing young Dutch women, robbing elderly ladies or stealing scooter-mobiles. The overburdened police are often incapable of really tackling this problem, partly because many victims are scared and intimidated. Consequently, they fail to report these crimes to the police. These Muslim youths – usually males – simply terrorize the streets. If someone does report them to the police they quickly deny everything, claiming they are victims of “racism.” “Is is rarely mentioned, but there are a lot of criminal Moroccan fathers here,” Mourad Taimounti told Andersson Toussaint. Taimounti, one the many good Dutch Moroccans, is involved a local initiative to stop harassment by Moroccan youths. For some reason, he is not afraid of being accused of racism.