OOPS! Pig Hearts being sold to Muslims as 'halal' (Islam-approved) meat

SOUTH AFRICA: Orion Cold Storage Company in Cape Town has been importing pork (forbidden in Islam) products from Belgium and Ireland, relabeling them as halal sheep and veal products and selling them to the Muslim market.

 VOCFM  It has also been importing kangaroo meat from Australia, relabeling it as halal beef products; importing poultry from Spain, relabeling them as halal; importing dairy powder for animal feed from Canada and relabeling it as halal skim milk powder,” said South African National Halal Authority’s (Sanha) Maulana Saeed Navlakhi.


The story came to the attention of the SA Meat Industry Company (Samic) and the Red Meat Industry Forum late last week when an informant took video footage at the company.

According to the alim, this was merely the “tip of the iceberg and only Allah knows how long this has been happening. At this stage, we don’t have enough information on how far reaching the impact of this alleged practice is, but we can only imagine that the ramifications will be massive since this is a very large importer and distributor of products, both in South Africa and Southern Africa.”


“OCS is a leading importer and distributor of bulk frozen foodstuffs, supplying South African wholesalers, retailers, the catering sector and manufacturers, with distribution extending throughout southern and central Africa, specializing in the importation of frozen meat and poultry.