Muslim sympathizers from 42 universities don't like the 'Let's Play Cowboys and Iranians' poster from Texas Bar-B-Q restaurant

Who the Hell cares? Worthless college ‘dhimmi’ students issued the following statement to condemn what they call the ‘RACIST’ poster: (What race is Islam, anyway?)

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Iranian Alliances  Iranian Alliances Across Borders’ (IAAB) 2011 Student Summit, addressed the current state of the Iranian American diaspora community. Over 70 Iranian American student leaders from 42 universities around the nation and abroad express their outrage over the bigoted content of the 1979 poster titled “Let’s play cowboys and IRANIANS!” displayed in John Nonmacher’s restaurant in Katy, Texas.

This image displays a group of gun wielding cowboys under an American flag, proudly encircling a lynched Iranian man. In Nonmacher’s words, this poster is purely historical artifact; however, the image recalls a time of high xenophobic animosity towards Iranian immigrants within the United States.

The IAAB Summit participants condemn both the violent image portrayed in the poster and its bigotry towards Iranians, as well as indigenous groups. Fundamental American values of tolerance, diversity, and respect for all human beings are not in accordance with the offensive nature displayed by the poster. We believe that the ideas represented in this incident are detrimental to civil society, especially at a time when democratic dialogue is critical to mitigating political tensions. We stand in solidarity with communities of color who have and continue to experience this kind of demonization. We firmly believe that the propagation of such hostile ideas should not exist within any society. (Oh, please, spare us the left wing politically correct psycho babble. Iran was the enemy in 1979 and it still is, now more than ever)

Signed by students from the following 42 universities:

Bentley University, Boston College, Boston University, Bucknell University, College of William and Mary, Columbia University, Duke University, Emory University, Fairfield University, Fordham University – Lincoln Center, George Mason Univeristy, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, INSEAD, New York University, Northern Virginia Community College, Oxford University, San Jose State University, Stanford University, Syracuse University, The Commonwealth Medical College, The George Washington University, The New School, Tufts University, University of Baltimore, University of California Berkeley, University of California Los Angeles, University of Central Florida, University of Connecticut, University of Illinois Springfield, University of Iowa, University of Maryland – College Par, University of Maryland – Baltimore County, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Southern California, University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Washington University in St. Louis, Wellesley College, Westminister College, Yale University

Yet not a word from these universities about the regular hanging of homosexuals in Iran: