SWITZERLAND: Pig found buried in the ground of a future mosque

WOW! This has certainly been the week of the pig stories. And, once again, our friends in Switzerland are showing the rest of the world how to fight the creeping Islamization of their countries by Muslim colonizers.

bivouac (via Islam vs Europe)  (H/T LiselotteB) Police have recovered the dead body of a pig and four pigs’ heads that were buried in the grounds of a future mosque in the Swiss town of Grenchen. An anonymous letter was sent to journalists, describing what had been done.

The letter also claimed that 120 litres of pigs’ blood had been poured on the mosque land. Police confiscated the letters so they could look for fingerprints.

Cleverly, the text of the letter also taunted the Muslims, claiming their reaction to the incident would be proof of how true their faith was:

“It will show how firmly rooted the members of the AIG (albanisch-islamische Glaubensgemeindschaft) [Albanian-Islamic Faith Community] are in their beliefs … because whoever builds a mosque on desecrated ground cannot be truly serious about their own beliefs.”

A spokesman for the Mohammedan community said he wasn’t sure whether the incident would affect the construction plans. “That has to be decided by our scholars, who are more familiar with the Islamic laws,” he said.

Poor Mr. Piggy, forced to spend his last days on earth among people who despise him

The controversial Islamic Central Switzerland (ICCS) in a press release condemned “the desecration of the mosque-building land in the strongest terms.” The Grenchen Mayor Boris Banga described the act over the local radio station Radio 32 as “shocking and disgusting”.

The proposed building of the mosque has created a lot of bitterness in the local area. Legal action took place to try and stop it, initiated by the previous owner of the land – a Swiss People’s Party politician – who said the land was bought under false pretences, with the claim that it would be used for building a parking garage. He said he would never have sold the land if he had known it would be used for a mosque.

(Sadly, I’m afraid this will not prevent construction of the mosque)