TLC should be running THIS ‘reality’ show about Muslims, not the farce they will be force-feeding America on Sunday, November 13th

For years, this Muslim man repeatedly raped his 3 very young stepdaughters, often in front of their mother.  He threatened to burn his wife alive, throw acid in her face or poison her if she told anyone. He beat all the girls with a metal pipe if they refused to submit. One daughter had 3 abortions and gave birth to his child.

Makes you wonder why the mother didn’t go to the police. Probably she feared her daughters would be stoned to death or imprisoned for seducing the stepfather. Finally, the neighbors got wind of what was going on and had the family evicted. The father is in jail but no doubt he will be out very soon. In Islam, rapists rarely get more than a slap on the wrist.

ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIM’ on TLC Sundays at 10 PM starting November 13th

“One Nation, Under Suspicion”

(Under suspicion? Oh, give me a break. Get ready for the pity party)

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