SWITZERLAND: Damn! Looks like burying pigs on the site of a future mosque will not prevent the mosque from being built

Muslims in Switzerland are responding with shock and outrage after a pig carcass and severed swine heads were discovered buried at the site of a proposed mosque. But they won’t let it stop them from building their tower of terror.

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CNN  Police in the town of Grenchen uncovered the pigs Friday after they received an anonymous message claiming that someone had buried the body parts and spilled 120 liters of blood from the animals in an effort to desecrate the ground to halt the construction of the mosque.

The unsigned flier, written in German, says “This operation was done (conducted) to protest against the growing expansion of Islam in Switzerland,” and says that a similar desecration in Spain earlier halted another mosque construction project.

..Abdel Azziz Qaasim Illi, spokesman for Switzerland’s Central Islamic Council said the deed “crossed a line” that had already been pushed against Muslims since a popular referendum in 2009 banned the construction of new minarets.

“We can just wait for the next rain or snowfall to cleanse the ground, so we do not fear from this side anything,” said Illi. (What’s the matter, you’re too cheap to get some kuffar to clean it up for you?)

“But on the other hand it’s an emotional thing, it means that there are actually people in this society who deny the right of Muslims when it comes to a mosque in Switzerland and this is something that hurts us.” (Good, that’s the idea. Go back where you came from)

Actual pig and 4 pig heads found on the site