BREAKING! Tennessee Governor refuses to condemn ‘anti-Muslim’ remarks by GOP Rep. Rick Womick

UH OH! CAIR is speed-dialing Eric Holder. And preparing lawsuits for their never ending crusade of litigation jihad.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam

Nashville Scene  Muslims around the country are calling on state officials to rebuke Rep. Rick Womick, R-Murfreesboro, for saying “the U.S. should purge Muslims from the military.” But if they want strong denunciations, Gov. Bill Haslam isn’t their guy. He might be the chief executive of this state and the head of the Tennessee Republican Party, but he clearly doesn’t see standing up for freedom of religion or striking a blow against bigotry as top priorities. Asked today what he had to say about Womick’s remarks, the governor declared: “I don’t think I would agree with Rick on that.”

OK, governor, but we think Muslims want something a little stronger than that. Would you denounce Womick in some way? “I don’t know that’s my role,” said Haslam.

Another pity party video from the Left Wing Muslim apologists at Think Progress: