RUSSIA: Just as they did in Moscow, tens of thousands of Muslim asslifters fouled the streets of St. Petersburg

Unwelcome hordes of noisy Muslims gathered in Saint Petersburg for worship of the holiday of Eid, most of them squatting in the streets, causing enormous inconvenience to rest of the city’s population. Outraged residents complained, “We can’t pass anywhere, everything is blocked! This is Russia, not Saudi Arabia! It’s scandalous!”

Moscow’s mosques hosted 90,000 worshipers, with reports of up to 50o,000 more who found no room inside, praying around the mosques, laying down their mats outside on the concrete and in the streets. The situation in St. Petersburg was similar though smaller, with sources reporting up to 70,000 mosque visitors, with 20,00 of them lifting their asses to Allah in the streets. There are 20 million Muslims in Russia, and until recently, most of them confined themselves to the volatile and unruly north Caucasus region.