So, who was that soft-spoken, kindly imam who converted the Catholic guy to Islam on TLC’s ‘All American Muslim?’

Imam Husham Al- Husainy

Our friend, Walid Shoebat, caught it!  TLC’s new TV farce called ‘All-American Muslim’  tries to depict Muslims as ‘ordinary patriotic’ Americans but failed to mention that it features the radical Shia Imam, Husham Al- Husainy, ardent supporter and agent of Hezbollah.

In the first episode of ‘All-American Muslim,’ the Imam is shown marrying a male convert to Islam to a secular Muslim woman.

al-Husainy is the same imam the Democrats chose to deliver their invocation, in which he called for an end to “occupation”

This is the Imam who was exposed on the Sean Hannity Show back in February 2007. In the actual interview, a clip from which is posted below,  it was obvious the Imam supports Hezbollah a terror entity listed by the State Department.

The Imam hates the the USA and Israel. You can hear in the interview what a nut job the Imam is and his gymnastics and crazy attacks in order to avoid answering simple questions.

The mainstream media continues to propagate the illusion of a moderate Islam and moderate Muslims. The only moderate Muslims that can exist and based on the way the show is presented are the Muslims who act in a very secular way and the Muslims who follow the faith closely are a major problem when it both comes to sympathizing with terror or actually supporting it. Even the “secular” Muslims still have tribal instinct to side with the tribe rather than side with righteousness.

If you watched All-American Muslim Sunday night, you’ll remember this “kindly” imam: