GREECE: Why are they so worried about Muslim asylum seekers?

Muslim riots in Athens

They don’t  have enough work for their own people. Why are they so worried about providing better accommodations for Muslim freeloaders? No wonder Greece is headed for default.

Thousands of Muslim invaders cross into Greece illegally every year. There are reports that more than 50,000 Muslim illegal aliens are living off government handouts in Athens alone. Trapped in legal limbo, most have no jobs, live in squalid conditions and are often arrested for minor and serious crimes.

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2 comments on “GREECE: Why are they so worried about Muslim asylum seekers?

  1. I am Greek and i can tell you a few truths to why the goverment and the greek people have helped immigrants in the past but not willing to help the oncoming immigrants.
    The truth is simple.It’s just because they are muslims. The local population would rather see them tortured and dead on the street rather than helping them.
    Greece has had a long 400 year struggle with the Turks (Muslims – Ottoman Empire) who durring their violent reign pillaged villages, burned churches rapped women,children even men! Stole young greek children of tender age and turned them into a fighting machine to annihilate their own christian people. And as Greece gained its independence the revenge of the Ottoman Empire just as it crumble was to death march 1,000,000 Greeks to forced labour in which all of them died within 2 years.
    Now do you blame the Greeks or the Greek goverment? I live in Britain and came to realise i don’t hate the Turks or the Ottoman empire – Its Islam – their religion that allowed them / gave them the free pass to commit those hanus crimes.
    I was taught in school and whilst growing up NOT to trust the muslims and we suspicious and wary of them…which has served me well over the years.
    Any sane person should stay clear of muslims and islam. Their hypocrites, liars and half-wit educated

    • Serv, considering the history with the Turks, I am surprised they allow any Muslims into their country at all. Spain, too. It’s time to ban ALL Muslim immigration to civilized countries. Notice how these phony asylum seekers never seek asylum in wealthy Saudi Arabia.

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