Now, Terrorist Front Group CAIR is attacking a Missouri Mayor for inviting ex-Muslim to speak at prayer breakfast


Kamal Saleem, an ex-Muslim convert to Christianity, has been invited by Mayor Don Reimal of Independence, MO to speak. But the St. Louis chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) is demanding the mayor drop Saleem because they consider his views to be  anti-Islamic. (And that’s a bad thing because why?)

(Thanks to BNI readers letters of support to the Mayor, Saleem will NOT be dropped from the event. ORIGINAL STORY HERE: action-requested-counter-the-left-wing-loon-attack-on-an-ex-muslim-convert-to-christianity)

Mayor stands by prayer breakfast speaker choiceDespite several pleas to Mayor Don Reimal’s office to reconsider the choice for the Independence Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast keynote speaker in two weeks, the selection committee’s unanimous choice for a presenter remains in place. The six-member selection committee afternoon agreed to keep Kamal Saleem, a self-proclaimed ex-terrorist and follower of the Islam faith who converted to Christianity, as the speaker.

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