Oh, this is rich! British Muslim, ‘Baroness’ Sayeeda Warsi, says, “Muslims are incapable of wrong-doing because Islam is perfect”

What she’s saying essentially is that ‘extremists’ aren’t Muslims.  As soon as a Muslim does a bad thing, he ceases to be a Muslim and becomes, in Warsi’s view, merely a ‘generic extremist.’

UK GUARDIAN  via Islam vs Europe The Guardian’s recent interview with Baroness Warsi, Britain’s  first ever female Muslim member of the Cabinet, was very revealing of the Muslim mindset. In a speech she gave in January she objected to the term “moderate Muslim”.

“And we should be careful about language around religious “moderates”. ..we need to stop talking about moderate Muslims, and instead talk about British Muslims. And when it comes to extremism, we should be absolutely clear: These people are extremists, plain and simple, because their behaviour has detached them from the thought process within their religion.

The journalists and politicians who routinely substitute the term “Islamist” for “Muslim” when discussing some of the unsavoury aspects of Islam no doubt believe they are making a morally commendable choice. They’re not. They are pandering to bigotry as pure as anything found in Mein Kampf. Just as Hitler believed Nordics were the master race, Muslims believe they are the “best nation” and theirs is the “perfect religion.”

Because they are perfect, they are incapable of wrong-doing. When wrong-doing demonstrably occurs nonetheless, the only way Muslims can maintain their self-image as “perfect” is to cast the wrong-doers out from the tribe.

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EDL By sheikyermami on December 5, 2010, from Winds of Jihad on the ‘Baroness’ Warsi:

People who have kept their faculties intact would warn about bestowing titles of nobility to Mohammedan infil-traitors like this conniving, wretched agent of Islam. But there are not many these days in England who have kept their heads screwed on. So what is “Baroness” Warsi warning the “Muslim community” about? Her own kind?

Why does she warn against the “ divisive designs of the far right?” when Mohammedanism clearly divides the world in believers and unbelievers? Simple: Muslims believe that “those who oppose Islam cause wars and are responsible for them.”

British Conservative Party Chairperson Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has warned the Muslim community to stand guard against the divisive designs of far right British National Party and the English Defence League and thwart their aims. Speaking at a dinner hosted by Lord Altaf Sheikh, Chairman, Conservative Muslim Forum, to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha at Westminster House here last night, she said that the Muslim community not only in the United Kingdom but across Europe face the rising level of anti-Islamic sentiments.

This, she added, was evident from the recent elections in many European countries where several parties fielded candidates not on the basis of race or immigration but specifically on the basis of Islam. “And if you look at the far right in this country whether it is the British National Party or English Defence League, they are very clearly targeting the British Muslim community. And what is quite worrying they are now beginning to form small groups of minority groups within the EDL to achieve their objectives of creating divisions within the Muslim community.”