Is your favorite restaurant secretly serving you HALAL food?

I just learned that KFC has gone Halal in some of their New York City locations. Chances are you’ll never know because they won’t publicize it to the non-Muslim market.

Under this story about the Brooklyn KFC, you will find a good international guide to Halal eating  where you can find stores and restaurants in your area that are serving ISLAM-APPROVED INHUMANELY AND BRUTALLY SLAUGHTERED MEAT.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Opens First Halal Restaurant in New York City! Where? Brooklyn.

Chill Yo Islam Yo  It’s about time the finger licken chicken came to NYC! I made a special request in my last article for halal franchises including KFC, hoping they would come to the big apple, and yea I guess my prayers got answered, ha.

Alhumdulilah it came to Brooklyn first, the best city in the world. Right? Right? I always argued one of the reasons many Muslims don’t eat halal is because of availability, but that’s changing now. So no more excuses, you are what you eat. More and more companies are appealing to the Muslim market and we are starting to see a trend emerge.

Where is this Halal KFC located?

208 McGuinness Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11222, 718-383-6666

I called the restaurant up personally since it wasn’t verified on yet, and the brother who’s father owns the restaurant told me the Fried chicken and Kentucky grilled chicken is Halal, however none of the sandwiches are. He told me there will be another location opening up in Manhattan soon insh’Allah. I can definitely feel the wave coming now, we’re going to start seeing domino’s, popeyes, pizza hut, burger king, mcdonalds go halal.

They aren’t going to have a choice if they want to keep up, since KFC has already introduced a halal menu. I bet Colonel Sanders never thought his franchise would be marketing to Muslims. (And you can bet he is rolling over in his grave now)

ZABIHAH has a fairly comprehensive listing by country and state of the stores and restaurants in your area that are selling halal food.

 ZABIHAH.COM has grown to be the largest comprehensive guide to Halal Restaurants and Products in the world. Users can leave reviews and search for Halal Restaurants & Take-outs by location, country and region.  Kudos to the Staff at for keeping the site well organized and easy to navigate. What are our favorite parts about the site? 250 restaurants have signed up to post coupons and discounts on, they now have a Chain of Authority for their listings (which includes Halal Certification Boards), and they have an app for the iPhone & iTouch.