SAUDI ARABIA: Land of the one-eyed sex goddesses

The ultra-repressive Saudi government has proposed a resolution that would force all women to cover up one of their eyes, fearing that if two sexy eyes are in full view, they are too seductive and tempting to men.

UK DAILY MAIL (H/T bains) Women with attractive eyes may be forced to cover them up under Saudi Arabia’s latest repressive measure, it was revealed today. The ultra-conservative Islamic state has said it has the right to stop women revealing ‘tempting’ eyes in public.

A spokesperson for Saudi Arabia’s Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, Sheikh Motlab al Nabet, said a proposal to enshrine the measure in law has been tabled.

Women in Saudi Arabia already have to wear a long black cloak, called an abaya, cover their hair and, in some regions, conceal their faces while in public. If they do not, they face punishments including fines and public floggings.

They are also banned from driving by religious edict and cannot travel without authorisation from their male guardians. In September, a Saudi women sentenced to 10 lashes for defying the driving ban was only spared when King Abdullah stepped in to stop the public flogging.

The CPVPV, which employs around 3,500 religious police, has repeatedly been accused of human rights violations. Founded in 1940, its function is to ensure Islamic laws are not broken in public in Saudi Arabia.

In 2002 the committee refused to allow female students out of a burning school in Mecca because they were not wearing the correct head covering. The decision contributed to the death toll of 15 girls who were killed in the fire.

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  1. obviously mohammed is a brainwashed pathetic little person… one has to question everything these days, unless of course you’re brain-dead and under a fascist regime or need guiding! and btw both are wrong, haven’t you heard the rhetoric against the west and christianity from the twits online, warmongering and defaming everyone but themselves! i feel very sorry for you and your insane mumbling.. most westerners do not have religion as most of us are already educated and know what is right/wrong and why religion was invented.. tis a real shame you don’t

  2. This is our religion, we did not criticize your religion, and our women have their absolute freedom but under limit of the religion.

    • Mo, no, you don’t criticize our religions, your holy books do and you kill us because we refuse to accept your so-called religion. There is no freedom under sharia. Don’t try your BS here. We are wise to you paedophile prophet worshippers.

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