British Red Cross bans Christmas so as not to ‘offend’ Muslims

Christmas has been banned by the Red Cross from its 430 fund- raising shops. Staff have been ordered to take down decorations and to remove any other signs of the Christian festival because they could be offensive to Muslims.

(Yes, in fact, Christmas does offend many Muslims but it offends even more people communists on the Left)

UK DAILY MAIL  The charity’s politically-correct move triggered an avalanche of criticism and mockery last night – from Christians. Christine Banks, a volunteer at a Red Cross shop in New Romney, Kent, said: ‘We put up a nativity scene in the window and were told to take it out. It seems we can’t have anything that means Christmas. We’re allowed to have some tinsel but that’s it. ‘When we send cards they have to say season’s greetings or best wishes. They must not be linked directly to Christmas. ‘When we asked we were told it is because we must not upset Muslims.’

Mrs Banks added: ‘ We have been instructed that we can’t say anything about Christmas and we certainly can’t have a Christmas tree. ‘ I think the policy is offensive to Muslims as well as to us. No reasonable person can object to Christians celebrating Christmas. But we are not supposed to show any sign of Christianity at all.’

Labour peer Lord Ahmed, one of the country’s most prominent Muslim politicians, said: ‘It is stupid to think all Muslims would be offended. ‘The Muslim community has been talking to Christians for the past 1,400 years.’ He added: ‘In my business all my staff celebrate Christmas and I celebrate with them. It is absolutely not the case that Christmas could damage the Red Cross reputation for neutrality – I think their people have gone a little bit over the top.’

Yet one UK Muslim group put out this poster last year:

The furore is a fresh blow to the image of what was once one of Britain’s most respected charities. The British Red Cross lost friends this year over its support for the French illegal immigrant camp at Sangatte and its insistence on concentrating large efforts on helping asylum seekers.

Yesterday officials at the charity’s London HQ confirmed that Christmas is barred from the 430 shops which contributed more than £20million to its income last year. ‘The Red Cross is a neutral organisation and we don’t want to be aligned with any political party or particular philosophy,’ a spokesman said.

‘We don’t want to be seen as a Christian or Islamic or Jewish organisation because that might compromise our ability to work in conflict situations around the world.’ (Yet in most of the Muslim world, the Red Cross ‘cross’ is not allowed and is replaced by a crescent symbol) He added: ‘In shops people can put up decorations like tinsel or snow which are seasonal. But the guidance is that things representative of Christmas cannot be shown.’

Volunteers, however, said they believed the Christmas ban was a product of political correctness of the kind that led Birmingham’s leaders to order their city to celebrate ‘Winterval’.

Rod Thomas, a Plymouth vicar and spokesman for the Reform evangelical grouping in the Church of England, said: ‘People who hold seriously to their faith are respected by people of other faiths. They should start calling themselves the Red Splodge. All their efforts will only succeed in alienating most people.’ Major Charles Heyman, editor of Jane’s World Armies, said: ‘There is really nothing to hurt the Red Cross in Christmas, is there? Would the Red Crescent stop its staff observing Ramadan?

‘In practice, the role of the Red Cross is to run prisoner- of-war programmes and relief efforts for civilians. Those activities require the agreement of both sides in a conflict in the first place. Celebrating Christmas in a shop in England could hardly upset that.’

Major Heyman added: ‘The Red Cross is just engaging in a bit of political correctness.’ British Red Cross leaders have, however, not extended the ban to their own profitable products. Items currently on sale include Christmas cards featuring angels and wise men and Advent calendars with nativity scenes. The spokesman said: ‘The Red Cross is trying to be inclusive and we recognise there are lots of people who want to buy Christmas cards which they know will benefit us.’

The charity’s umbrella body, the Swiss-based International Red Cross, has also had politically-correct doubts about its famous symbol. But efforts to find an alternative were abandoned in the face of protest and ridicule five years ago.


73 comments on “British Red Cross bans Christmas so as not to ‘offend’ Muslims

  1. The Red Cross has been there for every nation when there has been hardships and disasters of every kind. It never asks “What’s your RELIGION!!!!” I have lived in many countries, but I have lived by that countries laws and rules. Respect is what is missing in many peoples lives. Sad…………………….

  2. This is how they start, slowing taking over the small things that no one notices and then moving up to the bigger things and before you know it england will be a dirty muzzie country, we need to stand up and do something now otherwise were fucked and to be fair i think i would rather be anally raped then have to bow down to islam

    • Spot on, couldn’t agree more excluding the last bit about being rogered. I and many others can see that war on these shores is brewing with the proponents of that vile religion!

  3. Statistics show that Christmas decorations lead to an increase in womens’ infidelity and ownership of mobile phones.
    People please, help prevent violence against muslin women and just take down those decorations.
    Muslim men are so highly evolved that they’ve done away with the superfluous second thought.
    This means it is up to the rest of us to regulate society so nothing upsetting ever happens lest we unbalance their superior minds.
    For a start I suggest we start reporting that all suicide bomb victims are Christian, and that kind of Muslim that the other Muslims don’t like.
    Peace on Earth in this generation! Come on, we can do it!

  4. this is from Auzziestralia
    fuck the muslims and have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS HO HO HO
    I HOPE THEY GO BROKE !!!!!!!

  5. muslims have destroyed england. how could our governments be so carless, i make no wonder tghat the country is struggleing with jobs and benefits. there is far too many muslims living here. and it is a massive problem. i am offended by all muslims i want them banned. and if they are allowed to walk around in those burkas am going to walk around with my balalava on. what madness is next. government has gone crazy

  6. This is an absolute joke. its ridiculous. i can not believe it has been banned, This is england. not pakistan. If you dont like our traditions go back to pakistan and let them kill you. or stop taking the piss out of this country

    • Well i shall have the biggest tree this year, the best decorations money can buy and will be blasting out cheesy christmas tunes because that is MY tradition, i am ENGLISH and PROUD and NO muslim will BAN MY CHRISTMAS!

  7. The Boston bomber were friends with non-believers and going to college to help people, look what they did. Looks and nice can get you killed. How stupid can some people be? Islam is death. KL and LN have their heads up the arses of muslims or they are muslims to believe what they say when the proof is beating them in the head. Sorry BNI but some here are traitors and liars, but then you are aware of what I mean. I’m just getting tired and others are too of putting up with the crap they push making muslims out to be the victims when they are the pond scum that is the problem. Peace to all non-believers who understand what islam is, death.

  8. If the British people are going to bend over and let this happen you only have yourselves to blame. Maybe most Christians are abandoning their faith in England such a shame. In India the people selling and profiting most are Muslim vendors selling Christmas decorations and it does not offend them. I am glad to belong to India and not this England which allows morons to tell them what political correctness is about. I am quite sure that any Muslim in your country will spare no quarter when it comes to them flaunting their faith.

  9. This political correctness business in the West is getting out of hand and more moronic by the day. In a country like India, we have Muslim vendors selling so much of Christmas decorations, and they are never offended. In fact it brings them profits and money that they need to get by. Does this imply that Muslims too will stop celebrating their festivals lest it upset the Christians.

  10. This is absolutely rubish they come to our country so they should respect our culture like we respect theirs as I have lived in a muslim country before and I respected them in their culture and I didnt complain so why should they when they come here that is just not right and the red cross is cristan so why do we have to change our culture for them this is just not right

  11. fuck them its America they r talking about it has nothing to do with the holiday i could harp on them for all the bombings fucking they wanted to put a temple don’t the street from the twin towers after 9/11 thats whats fucking offensive

  12. The red cross are an absolute disgrace as a charity. They should be ashamed of themselves. Well if I were england I would not give these pll one red cent. Let the muslims give to them from now on, seeing the red cross are supporting them. Lets see how long that lasts shall we.

  13. Seriously? Coming bloodshed?That’s just the stupidist comment I have seen on here so far!I am a multy culturist believer! Live and let live I say, and if you can’t do that then kill yourself, no one will miss you!

  14. Expect the same of American Double Cross eventually. They are all about cultural marxism (pc) everywhere. When there is a fire or disaster they help the professional exploiters of the welfare system (blacks and browns) only. When a victim of fire set by a documented(?) alien , the ARC offered me no help whatsoever (2001).

  15. they’re done for, even tommy robinson has given in, fuck britain and fuck the british, lets just hope the coming bloodshed serves as a warning to the world and

  16. Not one more donation from for the idiotic Red Cross ,I knew a Pakistani lad not long ago ,They lived in Sheffield ,They celebrated all the Muslim festivals and shock ! They loved Christmas to and embraced the festival as well .Red cross withis stupid policy only serves to breed resentment and enflame racism.

  17. Has The RED CROSS gone start raving bonkers??????????? Why Should we ENGLISH suffer for FOREIGN BELIEFS? Would the Muslim Countries Remove all signs of their religion if a Christian lived their and may find it offensive….I WILL NEVER DONATE ANYTHING AGAIN TO THE RED CROSS…You have all your Priorities wrong…Disgusted.

  18. I’m so outraged!!! Over my dead body…. This will not happen, sorry, they will have to kill me first!
    Infact I’m really offended by their Ramadan! Take that!!!

  19. Disgusting Red Cross, I live in Australia, hardly any Christmas there either, I come to Europe and see the amazing Christmas spirit and decorations, I will never donated to Red Cross again….if Muslims don’t like our Christmas spirit fuck off back to there backward countries….I know Muslims whom love Christmas . shame on you Red Cross

  20. This is unbelievable ! This is an insult to every person who has fought for this country weather they lived of died ! So does this mean that there will be no parcels going out to those with no families for Christmas ever ? Why why why are we as a nation putting up with crapp ?? We must all stand as one and vote these Muslim lovers out ! I have no problem with the Muslim s that live here and get on with there lives but no time for these hate preachers etc or these idiots that bow down and do silly things like this ! Red Cross you will never see a penny from me anymore and will not ever go in your shops !

    • Janet, it’s a good idea not to give to the Red Cross anyway. You might be donating to a certain catastrophe, but all the money goes into a general fund, a lot of which finds its way to terrorist-supporting organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah. Better to donate directly to a fund exclusively for the tragic event. If there’s a military person in your life, they have a special disdain for the Red Cross.

  21. I cannot believe I am reading this, England is our country, these Muslims should go back to their own country if they don’t like it. I am not Racist and would love more than anyone for the people in this world to get on with each other for once no matter religion, beliefs ethnic origin, every year something else gets changed because of them! Would they cancel their religious beliefs for us English people if we went over there, NO!! Ashamed to be English when you read this and thats coming from a 25 year old, Red Cross wont be getting any more money from me, whats next eh?

  22. I don’t understand what’s going on here I celebrate Christmas and I have a lot of Muslim friends who wish me a merry Christmas even if they dont celebrate it and I do the same for them on eid and it doesn’t bother any off us so it shouldn’t be offensive to anyone the same way we celebrate Christmas is the same way they celebrate eid so you can’t ban Christmas to make some poeple happy would they ban eid if it made Christians unhappy no so I don’t understand what’s going on here

  23. It’s so funny reading the comments made by christians. Basically you don’t want muslims to impose their customs on you as you have done on others. Precious…

  24. wot is going on if the muslims find it offensive they know were the airport is and if they want to do that maybe we should start complaing about ead being offensive its silly and people need there head bangin together

    • if we said ead was offencive then we would be called racist, we cant win, we’re better off sending em back to where they came from since our way of life isnt good enough.

  25. London the new Iran!! Muslims get their way in their land but other religion don’t .They travel to the west were christians are the majority and still they allow them (Muslims) to practice freely. Too Bad

  26. hmm funny.. seems like a bz friend of mine came here when i showed him a link.. sorry he is a little crazy but i kinda agree with him… you british people owned that land and you need to fight to protect it.



  28. I’m muslim and think this debate is the most ridiculous of all so far. So some people put up a banner sayin Santa is evil ? Who even knows who put these banners up? Right wing extremists demonising muslims? Some crazy muslims with too much free time? Who cares? Don’t give them the respect of too much attention and don’t be a muslim-demonising, hateful idiot who actually writes an article (nothing more important going on in the world???) about this. If i would’ve seen this on the street I would’ve thougt it was a fucking joke and walked off. Just to be clear: We muslims DON’T mind or care about Christmas, Hannukah or whatever. Just like christians really don’t care about Hannukah or Ramadan. IT IS IRRELEVANT! (and by the way…the bible and koran say jesus was born in summer)

  29. No Muslim has ever been offended by christmas. All this has been instigated by right wing extremests who are trying to deamonize the muslims.

    Unfortunatly the general white christian public is too stupid to question who instigated all this. To them it is just an excuse to hit out at the muslims

  30. Political correctness is the refuge of stupidity and cowardice. The scariest thing about it is that it is self imposed–no one is being forced to these levels of stupidity. Insidious and supremely effective. No shooting war required to beat us into submission. Genius on the part of the instigators.

  31. whats is chrimstmas got to do with father christmas? the father christmas sign has nothing got to do with the religion, the prophet Jesus(PBUH) was born on this day! today people have forgot what Christmas is about!! nothing got to do the a man dressed in a red suite, and telling their children something what is totaly fiction as a Muslim I do not believe that all should be judged because of one. I have more Christians friends than Muslims and I respect them the same way as I respect any other Muslim. I do not believe in British Red Cross, i think that everyone has a right to believe in what they want.

    I want to applogise if this has offended anyone, as this is not my intention

    Thank you

    • Actually guys Jesus was not born on this day! This celebration has its origins in paganism not Christianity! It does however sadden me to think that some people are so scared of offending others that they wont celebrate their beliefs! GROW SOME BALLS!

  32. Are you kidding me, not allowed to celebrate christmas or have decorations because it offends muslims. Fuck off, if you dont like our country’s celebrations go back to your own fucking country, muslims want to come to our land, a christian country and tell us what to do, if you dont like it go back to you came from, i dont mind the celebrations of other religions i respect that, and i dont mind muslims in general, but when shit like this happens, i get overwhelmed by rage, and it infruriates me…

    • I agree with you 100 %. They chose to come to the West, which is predominantly Christian . If they don’t like our traditions and religion…go back to where you came from! Never once when I worked in a Muslim country would I have dared to say their religion offended me. Are you kidding! It would have meant severe punishment for me. Practice your religion but leave ours alone!!! And, as for our various agencies trying for votes in the Muslim community, STOP bending over backwards to get their vote!! Shame on you!!!

  33. Well said, Athee!!! [And this from a Christian believer.]

    The sad trouble in all this is that very few Muslims have any REAL grasp of logic or reason whatsoever. The overwhelming majority become so enraged (not just angry!) and choleric as to be incapable of reason – but more than amply capable of lying in order to advance their totalitarian ideology!! People that are different (perhaps tayyib?) are few and far between…

  34. Im a muslim and i don’t find Christmas offensive at all, Iv been giving christmas cards to christians since i was 4 years old, i have friends who are christian, loads of them. The muslims who find it offensive need to get out of England coz its the religion, culture and tradition of this country!!!!!

    • I agree with you Tayyib. I am a Christian and several of my friends yes even facebook friends are Muslim. They are always kind to me and wish me a Merry Christmas and I acknowlege thier holidays too. All of the Muslims I know are kind and gentle spirited people. Very respective. I hear so much about how the Muslims hate us but I think that bad stuff comes from radicals. I am very much against what is happening in Israel. But its not a hate for Muslims but for the radicals. All nations have radicals , all faiths have radicals, they are always disrupting peace. I remember reading about a huge church maybe in Egypt where the same building was used for all faiths. They had a very high education there. Why can’t we be like that again. My exchange student from years ago is from Tajikistan and he and his family are Muslim and I just love them. I watched a teacher one time traching about the Muslim Faith and the Koran does not say to kill all Americans. It does say not to start a fight. But if one is started and your enemy says lets not fight anymore them Muslims are told to right then to stop fighting and killing. Some people take Gods Word out of context and twist it around to suit them. Like David Koresh in Waco. and others just like Murdering everyone who does not follow the Muslim fith. Hmmm Hog wash. They are just sewing discord. Jesus did not hate the Jews who did not follow him.

      • KL, of course the quran does not say to kill Americans. There was no America back then. Look a little harder, but not too hard, as it’s all over the quran about killing unbelievers if they refuse to convert. There are countless passages devoted just to their hatred for Jews.

        Your extreme naivety is unfortunate.

        • BNI. please give me a “passage” from the Quran that specifically says to kill nonbelievers (not convert, or bring them to the right path of their religion but) literally says, kill non-believers. Also, please give me the chapter name & verse number. That will be kindly appreciated. -i am a christian, and would like to prove my Muslim neighbors that Islam is evil.

        • @BareNaked. First of all no muslim get offended with Christmas. I am a Muslim and I belong to a Muslim country but came to UK for studies. I didn’t find any Muslim in my country ever said anything wrong about Christmas. Secondly, Quran does not say to Kill disbelievers just like you are saying. You have to read the complete context before jumping into conclusion. Wherever Quran says to kill disbelievers (War Situation), you have to check scenario in which this verse is quoted. Quran says to kill disbelievers during war (who are fighting against you but don’t kill their women, children and old people, don’t harm their property, don’t kill their animals, don’t harm their tress or crops). Did you ever mention that as well? I really feel pitty of you, that people like you are spreading propaganda and at the end more and more people are converting to Islam. Do you really think, they want to kill their family members who are still not converted? Come on man, grow up.

  35. What – will they now ban their red cross? It is the symbol par excellance, of their deity whose re-birth is the celebration of Christmas.

    Idiots! Just do it right if you’re going to do something.

  36. What’s wrong with you people, submitting to these muslims: your Great Britian, a proud country and our ally.Winston Churhill would roll over in his grave had he known what you are doing submitting so easy. I can’t believe what i’m reading, what’s the problem over thier. It’s your country and you don’t want to hurt feelings,o.m.g. Straightin up, be proud. you give in to this and what’s next to pasife these people. Put that chest out & light up a cigar and say Hell No.! we we’re here first.this is my country, love it as it is or leave it, this is how we do things here! A proud American

    • what are you talking about, they do the same thing here can’t have a manger scene in public, store employees aren’t allowed to say merry christmas, no more crosses in public places, right out of the communist hand book, so if anyone should be rolling in their graves it would be our founding fathers, i done with red cross wont get a dime from me.

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