Muslim immigrant says, “I didn’t come to Canada to live in an oppressive society where women wear headbags. I came here to get away from all that medieval crap.”

Mohammad calls in to the Arlene Bynon radio show on AM 640 to protest the Metro Toronto Police Service’s plan to recruit more Muslim women by putting together a special hijab (headbag)-ready version of the uniform.

Toronto Sun  Some might hail such a move as another shining example of “reasonable accommodation”; other look upon this directive as another assault against Canadian traditions.

Yet again, a public institution appears to be bowing to the tyranny of political correctness — bending over backwards to accommodate certain individuals, some of whom are quite unaccommodating of western values.

Contrary to widespread popular belief, the Qur’an doesn’t mandate Muslim women to wear the hijab. If anything, the hijab is a political statement and a symbol of fundamentalism. Imagine if a citizen was to call the cops regarding a suspected honour killing and the policewoman who responds is decked out in a hijab? Would this not be unsettling?

If a female police officer demands that she be allowed to wear a niqab or a burqa, how could such a request possibly be denied, given the precedent that’s been set with the hijab? Do Muslim police officers reserve the right not to work with the Canine Unit, given that many Muslims consider dogs “unclean”? Will ham sandwiches be banned from police stations due to dietary restrictions?

What’s wrong with this picture?