CAIR goons couldn’t get Missouri Mayor to stop an ex-Muslim convert to Christianity from speaking at a prayer breakfast event…

… they trot out one of CAIR’s favorite ‘spokesChristians’ to demand an apology for allowing the highly-esteemed Kamal Saleem to speak at the breakfast about his long, hard journey from Muhammad to Jesus.

ORIGINAL STORY HERE: now-terrorist-front-group-cair-is-attacking-a-missouri-mayor-for-inviting-ex-muslim-to-speak-at-prayer-breakfast

Kamal Saleem was trained as a youth to be an Islamic terrorist. After an auto accident he converted to Christianity. On Thursday, he was the Keynote speaker at the Independence Mayor's Prayer Breakfast at the Community of Christ Auditorium

Rev. Josef Walker’s letter to the editor of EXAMINER

“Community is owed apology for Saleem’s speech”

Independence, MOI am heartsick that our city was the site of a “prayer breakfast” that was manipulated into a forum for promoting fear and division in our nation.

Before today’s Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, the hue and cry was to let Kamal Saleem come and speak – don’t pre-judge him or his message. Fair enough. Well, we did hear a little of Mr. Saleem’s personal testimony, but it was a footnote to his relentless assault on his former religion. There was little, if any, heartfelt reflection, but rather we were subjected to a carefully crafted speech – almost a textbook case – deliberately designed to leave the audience with the impression that Muslims as a whole were terrorists, murderers, wife-beaters, slave owners and “destroying our nation.”

{—} I trust that all of my neighbors who were subjected to Mr. Saleem’s obvious exaggerations will prayerfully reflect on his words and recognize that he was unfairly and inaccurately projecting his experiences and biases on all Muslims. As a community, we must ask the question: what next? First, I urge the Mayor’s committee to issue an apology to all our citizens. I assume the committee was duped by Mr. Saleem, but now they must clearly state that we do not tolerate or promote discrimination and racism.

Further, now that we have heard Mr. Saleem, we must take steps to insure our government resources are not used to further promote his fear mongering. It has been asserted that no city funds are used in planning the event. I assume that extends to the labor and resources required to video the breakfast and edit and broadcast the program on City7 as has been done in the past. Given that we now have clear evidence that Mr. Saleem’s purpose was to promote his personal vendetta – “my fight is against Islam” – it would be unthinkable to broadcast this year’s breakfast on our government cable channel.

Think again, bub……In response to the above letter, Examiner reader ‘dstride’ writes:

“I’ve been following this from the start. The negativity surrounding Mr. Saleem’s speech in fact pushed me to go to the banquet. I found it odd several organizations that really had nothing to do with Independence were inflamed, so it must have been important, yes? Then opinion authors like yourself jumped aboard and then I really had to know.

The opposition, or rather, the four people trying to speak on behalf of the ENTIRE city, have painted Salee as a hateful lunatic. A racist. Basically any negative buzz word one could imagine. Never are examples cited, but hey, things don’t look half as powerful if you don’t go all the way, yes?

The authors of these various articles, yourself included, have a lot to live up to. City 7 is airing the event once more. That false caricature of Saleem that’s been drawn up is going to need quite the spectacle in order to look like more than an ugly mark.

The mayor and his committee don’t owe the city a darned thing. Droves of people did not leave the breakfast, and it was pretty clear who the speaker was going to be and what he was going to say. So please, while you may feel hurt for sitting through an event you knowingly wouldn’t enjoy, and the various organizations with special interests feel slighted due to the speaker, do yourself a favor and speak for yourself.
Once the people see the City 7 feature, I’m quite sure the wind will be taken out of the sails of these extreme, utterly false claims.”