JUST IN TIME FOR THANKSGIVING. I have just learned that the turkeys so many Americans enjoy for the holidays are certified Islamic-blessed, halal-slaughtered birds. (See videos of graphically brutal, inhumane, Muslim Halal Slaughter methods below)

  ATLAS SHRUGS is reporting that Butterball has now scrubbed the ‘HALAL CERTIFIED’ claim from their website home page. They are still selling Halal turkeys, they just aren’t going to tell you they are.

Apparently, they not only have scrubbed the ‘HALAL CERTIFIED’ from their homepage, they have scrubbed the whole webpage.


BNI Readers report:

Pinkcadlac / U.S.A.

Here’s my experience today.
I called my Publix, and asked them about the halal certification on the turkeys. Sorry to report that the two people I had on the phone, from the MEAT DEPT., had never heard of halal….

I then, went to Publix. I scoured the labels of the Butterball turkeys. No sign anywhere of halal cert.
After leaving a message with my phone number, with Joel Coleman ( VP of International Sales Bball), I have just spoken with Scott Singleton from Butterball, who directed me to LINDA COMPTON. (Phone # 919-658 -6743 ext.7940)
She was polite and explained that they had started out, shipping to the Middle East, and then decided to sell it here. I asked her why there was no indication on the package of the halal cert. She said … get this .. the USDA DOES NOT REQUIRE THAT LABELING.
I told her that I was extremely disappointed that they would, especially in America, choose to sell food that has, not only had islamic prayer said over it, but is processed by those who use cruel slaughter methods for other animals. Additionally, the fact that it is not clearly labeled, is wrong, as there as so many who would choose not to purchase and eat such food.
She assured me that she completely understood, and like Susan reported, she is counting up the calls to speak with the superiors.
If everyone calls….. ;)

Now, to register complaints with the USDA- How DARE they!!!!

Susan K

I just called Butterball. They’ve been receiving calls all day regarding this issue. I told them I refuse to finance terrorism (which is exactly what they are doing) and am against halal animal cruelty.

They’re tallying the phone calls and reporting to their CEO.

Letter from Butterball to JoesWeblog  (H/T MOLLY)

Thanks for contacting Butterball. Our whole turkeys are certified halal. However, if you would like to know about any other Butterball products, please email us back as to which products you are interested in using and we can get that information for you.

Again, thanks for your interest in Butterball. We hope you find this information helpful.

Wendy Howze
Consumer Response Representative

Ref: Y453882

FYI: SHADYBROOK does NOT sell Halal turkeys:


Honesuckle White does NOT sell halal:


Verification from the Butterball website of Halal Certification

Butterball is one of the largest global turkey providers in the world. For more than 25 years, Butterball® has been providing quality turkey to markets around the globe. Currently, exporting over 100 million pounds of turkey products annually to over 50 countries, it’s no wonder that Butterball is one of the most celebrated choices for turkey. Butterball is committed to developing the best new products to specifically cater to all international cultures. From our bilingual packaging to flavor profiles geared toward international palates, we are continually developing unique ideas that satisfy the tastes of our customers.

As an international turkey provider, we have the expertise in serving different countries and different customs, and will work with you to meet any and all product needs. We have met the requirements for the following certifications: USDA Approved, Russian Approved, HALAL CERTIFIED, and employ a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HAACP) food safety system with Good Manufacturing processes. From great customer service to new product innovation to the proper certifications, Butterball has the experience you need to get our great tasting turkey in your market.





Joel Coleman
VP/General Manager International Sales
Email: jcoleman@butterball.com
Phone: 919-658-6743 ext. 2320
Fax: 919-658-2381

Scott Singleton
International Sales Manager
Email: ssingleton@butterball.com
Phone: 919-658-6743 ext. 2628
Fax: 919-658-2381
Area of responsibility: Branded, Value
Added and Whole Turkeys

Martin Soto
International Sales Manager
Email: msoto@butterball.com
Phone: 919-658-6743 ext. 2545
Fax: 919-658-2381
Area of responsibility: Commodity



  1. Barenakedislam a website run by a redneck nonmuslim cracker. A black man would never do this cause a black man knows how rascist rednecks are. It is okay to hunt annimals for fun during hunting season, which by the way is prohibited in Islam. But it is not okay to slaughter. Hell we muslims only kill an animal that is absoulutley necessary for food and not for fun. Ya all eat animals too that are killed by guns, electric shocks, drowning, or even burned in a hot water to death cause it is easier to pluck a bird. So that is totally humane but slaughter is not. At the end ya are eating the damm animal too. So whether you grab a leg from left hand or right hand you are still grabbing the damm leg. And look at the history and you will see that Christianity has more terrorized the World and Humans more than all the other religions combined. So first point your dirty slimy fingers to yourself before thinking about calling someone else names.

  2. What if their Turkeys are halal why it bothers you so much?Yes we are proud muslims and we are going to eat what and how we want to eat so suck it in and learn how to show reapect to others.Dont you guys have nothing else to do beside throwing up hate constantly?

    • No, we don’t. Don’t you have anything else to do besides infesting our countries with your filthy freeloaders, rapists and jihadists?

      But thanks for reminding me about this post so I can repost it before Thanksgiving again.

    • If we are to learn respect it will certainly not be from ‘proud’ Muslims!
      You demand respect but give none.
      You fantasise that your ideology gives you the right to indulge in extreme cruelty. What pathetic people, unable to find peaceful occupations, fixed on your need to show your pride.
      Yes you look very proud when you are shoving your backsides skywards in public streets and meekly removing your body hair because you are told to.

  3. Wow some people here surely are dull.. With that said I wont keep you dimwits reading as I know it makes a lot of your heads hurt. Here’s Jimmy Kimmel live for ya sheeps.


    you morons arent here to protest animal rights. You’re Muslim bashing Come at me Bit…

  4. Guys. Did you know that eating Halal turkeys is all a plot to spread the seed of Islam and make us all Muslims? I swear. They pray on the turkeys and curse them and hope to bring down the Christian race and rape all the Jews. I swear!

  5. I wish in blogs and or comments on such matters or all matters, can some what be positive. why can’t we uplift each other, and respect each others dialogue and beliefs, because at the end of the day if any of us needed surgery or a transplant would we worry about where it comes from or even whom it is coming from? No would be the correct answer. Everyone please enjoy the last bit of 2012 with your families and friends. I wish you all a Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year!

    • i AM A Christian, married to a muslim. I have eaten halal meat for years. I have eaten kosher mests too. If yiu want to see tourture go to Smithfield Packaging.

      • Please I ask. There is so much hate in America. I have friends from all religions. There are bad people in all religions.Most of all there are people who just hate God. How Sad .. Happy Thanksgiving to all the people who love people and families.

  6. Halal slaughter of animals has much in common with the beheading of humans so popular Muslims. They seem to have a real fondness for slitting throats and cutting off heads.

  7. WOW! Oy Veh! Sacre Bleu! Robz is not alone. I can’t believe you can equate halal certified meat with terrorism. The majority of Muslims are as peace-loving as most Christians or Jews. We all have our share of terrorists. This is just spreading ignorance and outright lies. Standard American style slaughterhouse practices are worse than either kosher or halal practices, but I do prefer Shady Brook to Butterball in any case….but that is just a personal preference based on taste rather than being halal certified.

    • Well said…Trying to figure out who tied prayer in with terrorism? American slave traders used Jesus and the bible to terrorize a whole race of humans. I think we should give the Muslim turkey killers a break. Buy something else. Stop spreading hatred.

  8. You guys are some of the most ignorant people I’ve seen on one forum! At least get your facts straight before you start ranting. Obviously you didn’t do your research to find out that Kosher and Halal are pretty much the same thing! The animal is slaughtered in a way which will cause it the least pain. The process includes giving thanks to God (the same God we all pray to), and it’s cleaner than the meat that is not Halal or Kosher because the blood is drained properly and certain parts that may have more bacteria are not supposed to be used. Now how about you do your research and compare all three ways and see which method is the most cruel! Have you seen how they treat animals in factories farms and kill them everyday?!?! It’s far worse then what you claim to be talking about above! So find out the facts before you open your mouth and look like an ass!!

    • Robz, you are the only ignorant leftie slimebag here. We did our research, you, obviously are the only one talking out of your ass.

      Kosher vs. Halal:

      Kosher – requires the animal be slaughtered quickly and humanely, strictly forbidding cruel slow methods like strangulation.
      Halal – requires the animal be bled out in agony while sick people who get off watching that kind of thing have a “festival.”

      Kosher – requires the blood be drained cleanly from the *carcass* of the humanely killed animal, removing toxins released from cells into the bloodstream at the moment of death from the meat.
      Halal – leaves the meat *filled* with toxins released at the moment of death because the blood is removed while the animal is dying and therefore is not present in sufficient quantities to remove those last toxins.

      Kosher – contains little to no cortisol or norepenepherine (two stress chemicals that are similar enough from mammal to mammal to cross species) because the animal to be killed is treated well before it is put down and is generally not frightened as it is put down (because in a truly kosher slaughter situation, animals cannot be slaughtered in a sequential fashion, as the waste of one could contaminate the next, so they are not exposed to the “scent of death” the way non-kosher culls are)
      Halal – animals watch other animals die during the blood letting festival, smelling their fear and raising their own stress. These stress chemicals “marinate” the meat in hormones known to raise levels of aggression and violence in nearly all mammal species (including human).

      Kosher – requires cooking the cleanly drained meat completely, cooking any remaining stress chemicals into oblivion.
      Halal – allows for a surprising range of cooking methods, including even some “tar tar” dishes (raw or nearly raw), allowing for the spread of disease and chemicals and hormones that were not removed by the idiotic slow bloodletting practice and half-measure cooking.

      Kosher: the spinal cord is sectioned thus cutting off pain to the brain. Therefore, no suffering or terror.
      Hallal: spinal cord left intact.

  9. this country is going to hell and I”m glad I am close to leaving it for I don’t want to see what it will become I feel sorry for the youn generations who are coming along

  10. All this uproar over Halal certification is really very humorous…….especially the outright stupid view that the US is being taken over by Muslims. America is, in reality, being taken over by the Chinese, and they don’t even know it.

    I was in Home Depot the other day browsing through their array of taps and fancy shower heads when it hit me that every product in the section was “Made in China”. Oh all of the names were American….Kohler, American Standard, Water Pick….but they were all made in China. They have taken all of your jobs and all of the revenue associated with manufacturing, packaging, and distribution, and you don’t even realize the serious implications. They are quietly buying up the country…..small businesses, gas stations, corner stores, commercial real estate and you don’t even know it’s happening. Instead you are crazed over HALAL TURKEYS.

    By the way, Halal slaughter is the most humane way of dispatching an animal, in case you’ve decided to take the opinion of one of the islam-aphobic epsilon semi-morons behind this latest hysteria.

    • What absolute, patent LIES as far as “halal” slaughter are concerned!!!

      Yes, MANY North American jobs have indeed gone to the Chinese; however, to say that “halal” slaughter is the most “humane” way to dispatch an animal is so UTTERLY BEYOND the pale as to make me wish you end up punished exactly like that, you “dhimmi”, wherever you happen to be located!!!! Perhaps THEN you’ll know who you’ve been shilling for all this time!!!

      May God Punish you for such lying, Mr. Forsythe!!!!

  11. Just called B’ball. As with the advertisers for the TLC Muslim non-documentary I let my fingers do the walking & talk to a person. Haven’t cooked one of their birds for years, too many additives like injected fat. Now I have an even better reason not to use their product.

    Also, i don’t patronize KFC, Subway, or Outback.

  12. Hala is the worst kind of brutal slaughter I have ever seen. I have wrote to “Animal rights” in sweden and got an answer that they already know that they have halal slaughter in sweden and that they have looked at it and could not see anything they could feel was wrong ?
    They have looked at it once and never gone back again and I said I think they still are using their brutal ways to handle those animals. but the woman I talked to said that they could not be there th whole time too see if it was right. Really sad to hear. Muslims are not caring with animals at all. it makes me sick to know how many of them treats these animals.

  13. How weird that a “john” type shows up in almost every discussion thread.

    I knew halal killing was sick…because Islamists murder the infidel oftentimes in the halal way. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the full video. Maybe I will get the stomach for it at some point, but I just can’t do it at this moment. Just seeing the pain and the blood on that came out of that camel without watching the video…is enough to make me want to puke.

    I know butchering animals is gross to people who aren’t exposed to that sort of thing…but holy crap this halal stuff is hard to take.

    • Cao, they make this brutal slaughtering a big event in the street. They bring families with little children to watch the big animals writhing in pain sometimes for as long as 20 minutes until they finally die.

    • I raised this issue about the Butterball turkeys with some office colleagues. Their attitude was “so what?” It’s their religion. I point out that not only isn’t it mine or theirs – and they should mind very much being inducted into Islam with or without their knowledge – but that the halal way is hell for the animals: goats, lambs, camels and chickens and whatever other animal they consume. Utterly brutal, callous and barbaric. And as you point out, the Muslim halal way is also one of the ways they murder infidels. Remember Nick Berg and THAT video? And the other videos? And if the discussion moves from that subject to others, such as accommodating Muslims with footbaths and scheduled times for prayers during the work day or class time and removing other and especially Christian symbols from parochial schools and removing Nativity scenes from public sight and so on, all in the way of wearing down resistance with all the little “unimportant” concessions that add up to submission and Sharia, i.e., stealth jihad – most people don’t want to hear it. Or even understand it. Most people are utterly clueless about what’s going on right around them; that’s partly their education, partly their inculcated pragmatism; partly the news they watch that doesn’t mention any of these things. Such as honor killings. And giving Muslims command positions in our military. The only way to fight it is to never stop telling the truth to those willing to listen.

  14. JOHN BULL: Lets see, John Bull, roughly the UK equivallent of America’s Uncle Sam, dating back to the 19th Century. A most inappropriate moniker for an uneducated, fully indoctrinated, leftist fuckwitt, spouting the classic liberal mantra equating anti-islamism with racism. Apparently, as you “read all the postings on this site,” you didn’t have the intellectual acumen to figure out that many of those posts were logged by more than a small number of Jews, including the host, BNI. So, Americans such as myself are “rednecks” and our friends down under are Botany Bay “convicts.” Well then, what are our Canadian friends then? Indeed, what are our UK friends per your definition? Judging from your mindless drivel, it is pretty damned apparent you are nothing more than an unemployed “council house chav,” and a moron to boot! John Bull my ass! You insult his good name and all decent patriotic British. I would suggest a better handle for you would be “Neville,” or perhaps “Jamal.” Either or, both accurate.

    “Cloven Hoof Posse!”~ “Gunning for St. George and the EDL by slaying the muzzie lizard and the euro libturd!”

    “Whoop! Whoop!”

  15. Halal is also food sacrificed to Idols. Christians know is is a sin to eat meat sacrificed to Idols. “Allah” is NOT God therefore he is a non God which is an Idol. the name Allah comes from the word Appoliyon. In the bible God calls Satin Appoliyon. I’ll eat Kosher food before I’ll eat food blessed by Allah!

  16. “” John Bull” – what a joke! His entire post was a joke, perhaps Mommy Bull wrote it for him so he would not hurt his fingers on the hard keys.
    The statement –
    “Not worried that you’d be called anti-semtic?” must be a typo; he must have meant Semtex, and most of us would never have a bias against it, as it is a very nice and stable explosive. They make it in mosque-sizes as well as combat loadout sizes.

    He also seems terminally confused; while it is true tht Arab races are for the most prt also classed as Semitic, there is no rational connection between his rambling statements, and the fact that we hate MUSLIMS and ISLAM – not Arabs or Egyptians or anyone else. We hate Islam and muslims wherever they were born. England, Scotland, Norway, Germany, France… no matter. If they are muslims, they are eaters of shit. like their child raping pervert Momo.
    On the other hand –
    We LOVE Israel, and the people first chosen by God, the Jews, wheresoever they were born.
    Israel, America, England, Germany, Russia, no matter. We love the Jews and honor their Maker.
    So, John, it is all so simple.

  17. Thank you BNI, I didn’t know it fell into spam, I thought it suddenly didn’t work. The first msg didn’t show the new avatar.

    However, strange that it’s now using my nickname from my WordPress account. Underneath the space for Reply it says:

    “Rosedala: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account”

    I definitely made the changes here but they didn’t take. How can I delete the nicknames: Adela and Rosedala, and instead put in lovezions?

    Thanks for help. lovezions

  18. Please help! Now my message doesn’t get sent out! I see myy avatar is nicely posted but it’s using WordPress nickname (Rosedala). I don’t know which of my 2 email addies are being used here. Will appreciate your help a lot! :) Adela

  19. John Bull: Your utterly irrational attitude and uncalled-for remarks and malicious insinuations are indicative of why Britain is no longer “Great.” We in the U.S. do not want to be conquered and balkanized as Britain has been, thank you very much. And, believe it or not, I’m an Anglophile.

  20. Having read all the postings on this site all I can conclude is thank God O live in the UK and not redneck USA or convict Australia. I find the xenophobia truly amazing. Why don’t you guys ban kosher too? Not worried that you’d be called anti-semtic? If you hate Arabs you must Jews too as Arabs are Semites. Lol! You ignorant pricks

    John Bull

    • How about a clear label. This does offend some peoples religious freedom. It does offend some peoples ideas of the way to treat animals. This should be a choice of the consumer not forced on the people without their knowledge.Butterball, some of the meat at Costco(for example, have a hidden or no label
      As far as the social impact of Shareia Law and Muslim incorporation into a society one only has to look at a place like France to see there is a number of problems. One way to minimise these problems is to make things open and honest. This does happen with Kosher meats. There is a clear label that they are Kosher. This does not happen with Halal and there lies the problem.

  21. Other than the populist reasons for not eating Halal Turkeys, there is an admonition that Christians should be aware of but many are not, and that is the eating of things offered to idols being discouraged. This is not for their sakes only, but for the sake of the those offering it, in this case Butterball, and indeed those who follow islam.
    Now the muslim may say that they do not offer to idols, but they do, every time that they bless their so called prophet mohammed, for he indeed is their idol irrespective of whether they allow pictures of him or not. They have substituted a fleshly man who went down into the dust of the earth, for the Glorious Christ whom they deny and many others are indifferent to also.
    The muslim prophet is dead and buried in Medina by their own account.
    There are those who insist that islam is an Abrahamic religion, but it is a fraud and certainly not in the spirit and character of Abraham who “believed God”.
    It had been best if the practitioners of islam raise and slaughter their own turkeys rather than profaning not only that which is prepared for the giving of thanks, but then deceive those who otherwise are ignorant of islam with its startling claims.
    People are going to eat turkeys whether they are offered to the fraud allah, God Almighty, or the flying spaghetti monster, so you are somewhat swimming against the tide.
    As you know, there are those who really do not care. I realize you are doing what you can to change that.

  22. I will NOT be buying any Butterball products in the future until they refuse to stop using Sharia law and halal meat and praying over the unsuspecting consumer.

    I have also heard a rumor that Outlook restaurant, and Subway also use halal meat. I will be contacting Butterball company tomorrow to let them know I will not be purchasing for them in the future. I also have let friends and family know about what they are doing. I will be contacting the grocery store we shop at to let them know I will not buy halal meat or Butterball meat in the future till they stop their practices.

    I would like to know the competitors of Butterball so I can purchase from them. I live in Eugene, OR.

    Do call Butterball and other companies that do this and also the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) who are supposed to approve the conditions that animals are killed.

    Thank goodness that my husband and I decided to just have roast beef, potatoes, veggies,salad and dessert this year. (Generally we buy Butterball ….but NO MORE !!!)

    • Roxanne, better to be safe and avoid Butterball since they will now be hiding the fact that they are using halal products.There are 2 competitors listed above that do not use halal. Probably any organic brand doesn’t either but
      I’m not sure. There are KFC stores in Muslim areas that use halal chickens.Subway too. Outback uses halal slaughtered lamb from New Zealand. If you enter ‘HALAL SLAUGHTER” into the search box here, you’ll see all the stories that have been posted on this subject here.

  23. I guess I will be eating more wild game. My boys are humane with the deer and other game. I am very offended that I might have eaten a food which was cursed. Also to Hasham-I do not serve the same God you do. I seve the one true God who sent a sacrifice who was his only begotten son. You believe Jesus was only a prophet. Jesus is the only way to heaven. NEVER tell me we serve the same God. Now I need to take the time to check out restaurants also. In England they murdered a little girl and put her in kabobs. How sick evil and vile can that be? Who is going to protect the little girls from rape because the prophet said you could because they are whores. America has the fight of her life to protect the innocent. Poor Sara and Amina didnt get protected from their scummy nasty daddy. The new covenant brought a Jesus who loved women and stood up for them. He forgave sin. Your God muders for sin and then points the finger at women. Now it is ok to have a baby wife as long as she isnt penetrated. COME ON-what kind of evil is that???Adela-i think when it comes down to that-we will being having a bloody revolution. No normal American male will allow their girls to be murdured and defiled by scum. I dont like a bloody revolution but we will fight for our girls. Things have progressed so fast it makes my head spin. Now you have to protect babies from rape because the muslim leaders say its ok???????

  24. The whole halal rubbish is ONLY to get money. Muslims are allowed to eat non-halal food. What they are forbidden from eating is food killed in the name of any other god. Also, muslims who forbid things which are not forbidden by the koran are doing the wrong thing by their religion. But, as usual, they make up the rules. Halal’s only purpose is to employ workers (non-muslims cannot make halal food), gain money (various associations charge for use of halal certified labels) and to bulldoze islam into every society cowardly enough to let it (aka politically correct and multicultural).

    • Gug: “Halal’s only purpose is to employ workers (non-muslims cannot make halal food), ”

      That would mean that all employees in the food processing for Butterball are Muslim? Doesn’t sound reasonable to me. But then again, the food processers are full of Obama’s somali friends so I guess it could be possible.

      • We are thoroughly invaded by them, who infiltrated into the smallest corners of our world! And only God knows what else their filthy claws are touching in our society! Soon they’ll be forcing us OBEY their savage sharia law ! Inch by inch by inch they are achieving their only goal: supreme world theocracy!!! And this thanks to all who preferred to remain politically silent and inactive!!! :o( God help us all!!! Adela

    • looool, eating Halal Meats and or food will no0t make you Muslim! Chill people your Pork foods and animal by product is not going any where. Eat, Drink and be Mary! Can’t we all get along.

  25. Re Butterball turkeys. Turkeys aren’t the only food product being “blessed” by mullahs or imams. This is an Australian site but you will recognized many of the product names. How many are being sold in this country? The main site:

    Products That Are Halal Certified
    The halal certified list contains products that have undergone the halal certification process.
    These products do not necessarily display a certifying symbol however their status has been verified by one of our researchers. The certification status of these products has the potential to change without notice as certification may expire without our knowledge. We will endeavour to keep this list accurate to the best of our ability.

    Products That Contain Halal Certified Ingredients
    This list contains products that are made with halal certified ingredients though the product itself has not been through the halal certification process. We have also included chain stores whose suppliers are halal certified but whose stores are not.
    The status of these products has been verified by one of our researchers. The certification status of these products has the potential to change without notice as certification may end or start without our knowledge. We will endeavour to keep this list accurate to the best of our ability.

    Products That Are Not Halal Certified
    This list contains products that have not undergone the halal certification process.
    The status of these products has been verified by one of our researchers. The certification status of these products has the potential to change without notice as certification may start without our knowledge. We will endeavour to keep this list accurate to the best of our ability.

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