Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t care whether or not you know if the food you buy is Islam-approved inhumanely Halal slaughtered

But he sure cared about whether his fellow Muslims in his home state of Illinois knew it when he served in the Illinois State Senate and sponsored the ‘Halal Food Act’ in 2001.

Islam for Today  (H/T Colleen D)  In a landmark event for Illinois’ more than 400,000 Muslim, the Illinois senate has passed the Halal Food Act on August 16, 2001 to safeguard the interests of the Muslim consumer.
The Act makes it a Class B misdemeanor for any person to make any oral or written statement that directly or indirectly tends to deceive or otherwise lead a reasonable individual to believe that a non-halal food or food product is Halal. (But the USDA does not require Halal Food to carry the Halal Label in the rest of the U.S.) The Act also makes it unlawaful for any business ,which advertises itself as selling only Halal foods or food products only, to carry any non-Halal products.

It also specifically defines the term “Halal” as food “prepared under and maintained in strict compliance with the laws and customs of the Islamic religion including but not limited to those laws and customs of zabiha/zabeeha (slaughtered according to appropriate Islamic code), and as expressed by reliable recognized Islamic entities and scholars.”

Additionally, the Act also contains provisons to regulate Halal farms. Any dealer who grows animals and claims that they have been grown in a Halal way is obligated to prove the authenticity of his claim in accordance with the rules adopted by the Director of Agriculture. The dealer is also required to place a sign in a visible area on the premises on which the animals are sold o exposed for sale.

The Act also requires that no dealer can offer for sale any animal claiming that it is grown in a Halal way or any food commodity representing it as Halal until the dealer has registered information of the certifying Islamic agency specializing in Halal food or the supervising Muslim Inspector of Halal Food with the Director of Agriculture.

The Illinois Halal Food Act is unique in the sense that it is a new bill and not an amendment. It additionally contains provisons on the regulation of Halal farm.

The Illinois Halal Food Act was sponsored by Sen.Christine Radogno (R-La Grange) with Senators Thomas Walsh, Barack Hussein Obama, Louis Viverito, and Ira Silverstein as Chief Co-Sponsors.