CANADA: One way to keep Muslim bagheads out of the mall

A Muslim woman from Mississauga, Ontario, who had her niqab (full face-covering headbag) pulled from her face at a local mall, says her young children no longer feel secure with only her nearby. (Good, stay the hell home…preferably Saudi Arabia)

(First Muslim asslifters in public schools. Now this. Hey Ontario, you better clean up your muslim problem there)

CBC   Inas Kadri, whose assault at Sheridan Centre in Mississauga was caught on a security camera, was shopping with her three-year-old son and two-year-old daughter when she was approached by two women. One of the women began swearing at her, about her religion and her veil, telling her, “Leave our country. Go back to your country,” Kadri said.

The woman can be seen in the video grabbing Kadri’s veil and pulling her off-camera. The attacker walked away while Kadri ran for help. “Being attacked for no reason — for no reason — that’s something difficult,” she said. Kadri’s victim impact statement reads, in part, that, “My kids don’t feel secure with me alone, and always prefer to have someone bigger in size than me to feel safe.”