‘CURRENT TV,’ that elephant graveyard for failed MSNBC hosts, produces a special on “Islamophobia”

All I can say is, Hooray! BNI and its readers and all the other anti-Islam bloggers and activists are educating Americans about the real threat that Islam poses to our society, our culture, and our values. That’s why they’re so afraid of us.

The deception artists in the Muslim community and its enablers in the Democrat party and on the Left are panicking because the truth about Islam is spreading faster than they can sell their ‘taqiyya’ (Islamic deception of non-Muslims). They can call it “Islamophobia” all they want. Hatred of Islam is not an irrational phobia but a valid fear that Muslims are working to turn this country into an Islamic Republic as they are doing in socialist Europe.

Here’s a trailer and a clip from the CURRENT TV show “Islamophobia” where Current’s producer went undercover to ‘secretly’ film a an event sponsored by Brigitte Gabriel’s Act! for America.


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