Department of Homeland Security issues Code Red warning about ‘terror turkeys’

No, of course, nothing about the sharia-compliant HALAL TURKEYS being foisted on the unsuspecting public by Butterball, this is about turkey fryers.

(Nothing about the spate of Muslims behaving strangely on planes, nothing about the latest homegrown Muslim terrorist with pipe bomb plans, either. No, the only threat Big Sis Napolitano’s Homeland Insecurity Department is worried about is from turkey fryers)

NEWSMAX  An apparent new threat to the United States surfaced on the Department of Homeland Security’s official Twitter account this morning just in time for Thanksgiving —turkey fryers. “Use turkey fryers outdoors at a safe distance f/ buildings,” tweeted DHS. “Never use turkey fryers in a garage or on a wooden deck.”

“We’re worried by the increasing reports of fires related with turkey fryer use,” warns John Drengenberg, consumer affairs manager of UL. “Based on our test findings, the fryers used to produce those great-tasting birds are not worth the risks. And, as a result of these tests, UL has decided not to certify any turkey fryers with our trusted UL Mark.”

DHS linked another warning tweet to a video of a blazing turkey fire created by safety experts at Underwriters Laboratories. “Make sure the turkey is completely thawed before placing in a fryer, or this may happen,” the tweet said, encouraging Americans to witness the danger firsthand through the following video: