CANADANISTAN? In the ’90’s, a Christian Minister was sentenced to take a ‘re-education’ course about Islam at a mosque

Am posting this now because outside of Canada, most people don’t know that the reason Mark Harding was jailed and then forced to attend an Islamic re-education camp, is that he dared to criticize a special prayer room that was set aside exclusively for Muslims students in a public school. Today, the same thing is happening again in a Toronto school. Who will have to be ‘re-educated’ next?

Blogwrath  In the 1990’s Mark Harding tried to bring Canada’s attention to the harm that Islam could cause. Those were the years when the political correctness reigned supreme and the media didn’t want to have anything to do with criticizing any religion (except Christianity, of course).

Mark Harding

In 1997 he found out that a public school in Toronto (Weston Collegiate Institute) had set aside a special room for Muslim students to pray while the non-Muslims were studying. (History repeats itself as the same thing is happening in a Toronto school today) He expressed his disagreement by creating pamphlets and giving away copies of them near the school.

In the pamphlets he wrote about the dangers of Islam and quoted facts about Muslim atrocities from Canadian mainstream media sources. The protest didn’t end up well – under strong pressure from the Muslim community, Mark Harding was charged with hate speech, and had to spend two days in jail.

The case went to trial and he was convicted in 1998. He got two years probation and 340 hours of community service. The most humiliating fact about the service was that it consisted in Muslim indoctrination under the guidance of Mohammad Ashraf, general secretary of ISNA.(Such indoctrination was a common practice in Chairman Mao’s China, where educated people had to go through the same process guided by the young idiots from the Red Guards. How is this possible in Canada?

ISNA stands for Islamic Society of North America, a notoriously corrupt organization with strong ties to the terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood. Ashraf told Harding that he must follow everything he says, otherwise he would send him back to jail. One of those things was a ban on criticizing the warmonger Mohammed, a paedophile prophet.

The ordeal took its toll on Mark’s health, but despite several heart attacks, he had to continue to fight. He appealed his sentence all the way to the Supreme Court, but in the end the Muslim lobby won – in 2002 he lost his appeal. Mohamed Elmasry, president of the

On July 1 Mark Harding, surrounded by supporters from different races and backgrounds, made an appearance in front of The Bay store at Queen and Younge. He was there to protest the spread of Islam in Toronto’s public schools and to make a stand against the attempts to force The Bay to stop selling Israeli products.

Canadian Islamic Congress was ecstatic that Harding’s “hate literature” was punished.

Well, it turned out Mohammad Ashraf was a crook – a recent audit of ISNA showed a monstrous misuse of $600,000 of donation money (in a similar situation they would shut down a Christian charity, but ISNA is still going strong). Ashraf used money to pay for the health insurance for his daughters who don’t work for the organization. He diverted substantial funds to businesses in which he was a director, issued false tax receipts, etc., etc. So much about him being a moral beacon to Mark the Kaffir.

Mohamed Elmasry tried to launch a hate speech HRC complaint against Mark Steyn and Maclean’s Magazine. The OHRC reluctantly dismissed it.