Like rats off a sinking ship, advertisers on TLC’s ‘All-American Muslim’ are fleeing!

Sears, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and McDonalds have dropped support for TLC’s ‘All-American Muslim’ program. Among the companies that initially supported it, but have not scheduled any more ads are: Airborne Vitamin, Amway, Diamond Foods, Dyson Vacuum, Estee Lauder, HTC Phones, Petsmart, Pfizer, Sonic,  and T-Mobil.

Congratulations, BNI readers. I know all your letters and calls were part of the reason the advertisers smartened up, and fast!

WND“All-American Muslim,” a new program on The Learning Channel that is being touted as a “powerful series” that carries viewers “inside the rarely seen world of American Muslims,” is being dropped by advertisers.

Critics say the program is nothing more than video jihad propaganda, and the Florida Family Association says it is contacting companies whose advertising appears on the show to ask them to quit. So far, 18 of 20 companies contacted have done so, the group said.

“The Learning Channel’s new show ‘All-American Muslim’ is propaganda clearly designed to counter legitimate and present-day concerns about many Muslims who are advancing Islamic fundamentalism and Shariah law,” the organization’s report on its work said. “The show profiles only Muslims that appear to be ordinary folks while excluding many Islamic believers whose agenda poses a clear and present danger to liberties and traditional values that the majority of Americans cherish.”

The association cited a “troubling scene” in which a Muslim police officer stated, “I really am American. No ifs, ands or buts about it.” “This scene would appear to be damage control for the Dearborn [Mich.] police who have arrested numerous Christians including several former Muslims for peacefully preaching Christianity,” the association report said.

“Dearborn police falsely arrested Nabeel Qureshi and Paul Rezkalla in 2010 and Sudanese Christian Pastor George Saieg in 2009 for preaching Christianity at the annual Arab International Festival,” the report said.

The association’s suggested message from consumers to sponsors said the show is trying to manipulate Americans into ignoring the threat of jihad and Shariah, which is Islamic religious law.

The report said Dearborn, the site of the biggest mosque in North America, is one of the most densely populated Muslim communities in the United States. In recent years, it has gained national attention for taking a pro-Muslim stance and for the arrest and intimidation of Christian evangelists for engaging in protected speech activity, the report said.

The Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm, has handled several legal disputes over the arrests of those individuals.

“But Americans aren’t suspicious of Muslims who are trying to get married, open clubs, and play football. Americans are suspicious of Muslims who are trying to blow up American buildings, subvert American freedoms, and assert the primacy of Islamic law over American law.

The problem people have with Islam is not with every Muslim person. It is with Islam’s teachings of violence against and the subjugation of unbelievers. It is with the supremacist ideology and the fervent believers in those noxious doctrines of warfare and subjugation,” the report said.

But Islam analyst Pamela Geller told WND earlier that perspective on the show is also its danger.

“Clearly this program is designed to counter the fictional threat of ‘Islamophobia’ by showing Muslims who aren’t terrorist monsters, but ordinary people living ordinary lives, balancing tradition and modern life, dealing with their families, their jobs, and a host of other issues,” Geller said.

“It is an attempt to manipulate Americans into ignoring the threat of jihad and to bully them into thinking that being concerned about the jihad threat would somehow victimize these nice people in this show. The problem is not people; it’s ideology. The show doesn’t address that,” Geller said.

That perception is one of the reasons why Jihad Watch publisher and Executive Director Robert Spencer shares the concerns expressed by Geller and Newcombe.

“The show apparently is trying to show that Muslims go to clubs, like to have fun, etc. But this doesn’t really establish anything,” Spencer said.

“The problem people have with Islam is its teachings of violence against and the subjugation of unbelievers. The problem is not with every Muslim person. It is with the supremacist ideology and the fervent believers in those noxious doctrines of warfare and subjugation,” he said.







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  1. First, Merry Christmas to everyone out there on teh web! TLC has lost my viewing as long as they try to force feed to me that the muslims aren’t violent and evil! I will not support any store, business or other intity that supports any faction or religion that wants to destroy our country and more importantly, us!! The American way of life needs more protection than ever now, not only from outside forces but from some of our own!

  2. The learning channel should be banned from the networks. Anything they air is only a way to boost their bank accounts, not to teach us how to be better people. But, try to brainwash into believing the trash they show is the way of life. How about us learning how to be loyal, considerate, loving, patriotic americans. Too many liberals controlling these networks & media. Another product of Hollyweirdo’s.

  3. I am disgusted with these american killers slipping into our country with the lies they spread accusing us of being racists. Anyone with 1/2 a brain knows what is behind their motives. They have already taken control of too many areas in our country. If they succed in control our media, we’re done. We must stop the evil before it spreads anymore.

  4. prayer dears works miracles. we’ve stopped the muzzie marches on dc this past year and we are stopping them in all others by prayer to the d’m cult freaks. “if ANY two shall agree as touching ANYthing is SHALL be done for them by our Father who is in Heaven” NO weapon forned against us prospers and ALL that rise up against ARE being brought down! AMEN!

  5. Look, I am a Catholic and the stuff we are supposed to believe are just as bad. The concept of hell is worse than anything Muslims think up. And the prohibition of birth control is just as harmful and illogical as anything that comes from any Imam. That doesn’t mean that anyone not employed by the Catholic church believes that stuff…they are just paid to say that. Same with most Muslims, who are most interested in paying the mortgage and other such daily bills.

  6. This program should never have made it to TV. It is obvious that the originators expected just such a reaction to this propaganda and really did not nor do they still care if it be removed. It brought them the fifteen minutes of notoriety they desired to let us all know their religion is alive and still killing. It’s relative is Satanism and it’s antithesis is Christianity. It is like a disease that creeps upon us and leaves many dead in it’s wake. They live to kill and kill to live. It has been an infinitesimal moment in history since the last of our troops have left Iraq. The fighting has resumed as if our being there had been a brief respite to regroup and begin again on our departure. There has already begun a new death count and it is astounding how quickly it grows. This is our time America! You had damn well better awaken to this renewed threat of domination before we have no more choice in this matter. Do you really want to kneel before an insidious God and pay him such undeserved respect and adoration? I prefer using the carpet to wipe off the excrement that builds on my shoes during the day As the election draws ever closer to fruititon.

  7. I would like to wish Freedom First a very Merry Christmas. I would also like to say that the United States is a Christian country. For far too long we have been rolling over because of the PC police but now we are taking a stand. Dearborn, Michigan was once a pleasant place to visit and shop but not now. I remember when I was growing up, Dearborn had a beautiful Nativity scene that was put up every Christmas on the City hall’s front lawn. But along came the PC police and they had to stop. The show “all American Muslims” should really show the truth and that is that they have taken over Dearborn and it is now everything has to be done their way.

  8. What Jihadist propagandists! Someone needs to stop the Florida Family Association from trying to get companies to censor a unique American show that fairly tries to balance racist American views of a world religion. Let me choose whether or not to watch it. Not the government or the zealots of the FFA. Put it on Fox!

    • FF, the jihadists like CAIR do this all the time, flooding advertisers of shows that present the truth about Islam and the talk show hosts and bloggers who do the same. Two can play the same game and we are. Get Lost, muslim apologist. You will not see AAM again once it ends this fiasco of a run.

  9. I deleted TLC from my DVR–no show is worth supporting that network again. Kudos to the advertisers who backed out. Thanks to all who spread the word and wrote to TLC, the show sponsors and their contacts to help us stop this propaganda. I hope the program backfired on TLC and increased awareness about Islam and it’s true threat to the world. It took the Crusades to put it in it’s place once, it may do so again. Lets’ hope we don’t let it spread that far before we act. We should make Islam want to get OUT of America because it is too uncomfortable to be here. Until Islam changes it’s belief system and brings itself in line with civilized, humanitarian standards that should be obvious to all, I cannot even consider it a religion. It is a political system that does no less than control every aspect of life, and in a manner totally inconsistent with America, freedom, justice and basic human rights.

  10. The STENCH of jihad will not go away.

    There is no ‘kinder’ version of Nazism.

    Sooner or later JIHAD will rear its ugly head.

  11. @ Garrett & Rony….

    It is quite obvious that you both have an extreme case of Cranial Rectumitis whiah I do believe you both have been suffering with for such along period of time! My observation comes from the fact that intelligent people know that Methane kills brain cells! You obviously aren’t that intelligent! I can hear your one and only braincell that is left rolling around in your head, crying out in anguish at the demise of his brethren….

    As a fellow Canadian, please do us all a favor…..either get your condition looked at and treated or STFU ! You embarass the rest of us Canadians on this site by your infantile blathering on a subject you know diddle squat about!

    I’ll bet you voted for the NDP ( New Dhimmi Party ~ AKA: New Democrat Party~ AKA: the Canadian Communist Party) in the last Election held in May! Hope you live in Quebec cause you’re going to find out real soon what living with many Islamamentians is all about!

  12. @ robertsislerRobert Sisler…

    My dear friend,,, Moochits will SAY any blessed thing you WANT them to say, but that doesn’t mean in ANY way, shape or form that they will LIVE what you want or demand for the freedom of this country ( U S A ),,,

    Remember, we are talking about a creed and ideology that DEMANDS lying, deceit and deception in order to further the goals and aims of islam,,,

    And they count it an honor to be martyred for a meteorite stone in the Ka’aba, Mecca, which is the home of the pagan moon god allah,,,

    So, in short, the only time a mozlem can be counted on to tell the truth is when he has his or her mouth TAPED SHUT~!

  13. Think: What use will (any thing you want to buy) be once we have no more electricity?


    Where would I want to be, if the government marshalls its strength to prevent us from : moving, driving, and when buying gas may be impossible? Then, work toward that end. Away from any riot zones.

    Away from any government-mandated, enforced knee-bowing, – you never want to be in that position.

  14. i NEFER buy from any of those companies anyway. Thank you Pink, I had seen you were doing much work on getting those addresses out to us. I have never bought BUTTERBALL TURKEY and never will, Pamela! Right ON, and thank you, Infidel for your work on that front.

    I have been troubled by something that I cannot get around. While I hate Walmart for so long now, it being the Chinese Distribution Center of America, (should have a Chinese flag over the Cash Registers, and I told them that before, with many people in line shocked but happy that I said it out loud, agreeing with me, but they are all cowed and afraid) – I cannot drive any farther to obtain any groceries, as it is impossible. This is why I am so angry. I used never to buy Chinese goods, taking back all shoes, clothes, etc. when I saw it had a ‘made in China’ tag. This was hard, but possible.

    Now, it is impossible as everything – even light switches – is made by slaves in China, the global slave pits, and we are being dismantled, as Hillary and Bill, Bush Daddy, Kissinger, etc. all wanted. It is done. Now what do we do? I would buy goats, but need a place to keep them. (milk, meat). Stock up, people, if you have any savings, buy necessities as nothing else will be of any value sooner than we think, I think, If you can, buy land out in the wilderness. And get sufficient/independent of the system.

  15. Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t love this country get the f–k out. I know I won’t miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I do know this ….so many of those peaceful Muslims, kids, elderly,store owners Patterson N.J. and Jersey City N.J.(these I witnessed) were dancing in the streets on 9/11.

  17. I’m just not sure how we can stop them. In Toronto, Canada there is a gigantic mosque , Islamic museum etc etc going up where we all have to look at it as it faces a major inner- city highway. Build it and they will come. The rest of us here are starting to reach a boiling point. We want All American Greeks? How about All American Buddhists?

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