PAKISTANI woman kills husband, chops him up, then cooks his body parts in a big pot

Various reports say Zainab Bibi, 32,  killed him because he tried  to molest her 17-year-old daughter from a first marriage multiple times, and for attempting to take a second wife without her permission.

Express Tribune    Zainab alleged that she had murdered her husband after he had tried to molest her 17-year-old daughter, who was from her first marriage. She claims she had stopped him from doing so on several occasions in the past.

After she murdered her husband and chopped phis body into pieces, she had then cooked the meat and was attempting to pour it down a drain. The stench of the cooked meat alerted people in the area, who called the police. Police found two cooking pots filled with meat and a trunk which contained the rest of the husband’s body parts. The woman had planned on cooking the rest of the body later.

INN and others are reporting Zainab killed him after he planned to take a second wife without her permission. According to family law in Islamic Pakistan, a man must get permission from his first wife before his second marriage, but the law is rarely observed.

Local police commander Nadeem Baig said, “They killed Ahmad Abbas, Zainab’s husband, and chopped his body into pieces and were about to cook the flesh in a bowl.” Baig added both a bowl containing the husband’s diced flesh and knife used in the murder were recovered.

For visualization purposes only, this is NOT the husband in the story

“There could be two factors behind her intention to cook the husband. One is to destroy the evidence and the other could be her immense hatred against him for seeking a second wife,” he said.

Television networks reportedly showed gruesome footage of the human flesh in a bowl ready for the stove.